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We are currently in the process of adding to, updating, and repopulating the entire Airplane Trading Cards section of this website. To date, we have identified approximately 240 card sets that begin with the letter A. Right now there are many dead links that will be corrected in the near future. Obviously, changes to this section will not happen overnight, so please check back periodically to check on our progress.

Non-Sports Cards for Sale

If you by chance need any Aviation or Military related Non-Sports cards and/or card sets, be sure to visit our online store, the SkyCardShop, to see what we currently have listed for sale. If the cards you need are not there, please drop us a note at and tell us what cards you need. If we have your cards, we'll post them on the SkyCardShop. However, as we post them, we'll also send you a heads-up email so you can get them before someone else does. We can also set up Private Sales via PayPal and skip posting the cards/sets on the SkyCardShop. We're looking forward to helping you fulfill your non-sports cards needs.

Since 2002, we've been buying vintage aviation and military related non-sports cards to feature on our website. We are currently in the process of populating our website with approximately 400+ non-sports card sets, mostly aviation related. Nearly all of the sets that we feature include both original and computer enhanced 600-dpi scans of the fronts and backs of all the cards in the individual sets. We also include printable PDF checklists for each of the card featured on the website. By the way, if you print out these 600-dpi card images on any high-quality computer (including photo paper) and trim them, they make great full-size Filler Card Images to use before you acquire the real card. We should note that we are actually Image Collectors rather than Card Collectors per se. Once we've scanned a card for he website, we're therefore have no use for it, and eventually post it on the SkyCardShop.

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