1930s American G-Men, Type 2 (R13-2)
W.S. Corporation, New York City, New York, USA

Series Title: America G-Men, Type 2
American Card Catalog No.: R13-2
Manufactured by: W.S. Corporation, New York City, New York, USA
Country: United States
Number of Cards: 48 cards numbered from 701 to 748
Card Dimensions: 2 5⁄16 × 2 3⁄4 inches
Circa: 1930s
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The R13-2 American G-Men series is the second of the two different American G-Men trading card sets. The 48 portrait (vertically aligned) cards of this series are consequently numbered from 701 to 748. The set title is located on the front of the card in a red panel at the top of each card. The card number is noted on the front of the card in a red circle. Each card contains the following caption, YOU CAN’T GET AWAY WITH IT located in a yellow rectangular panel at the bottom of the card front. Just above this caption, on the lower right-hand-section there is a green rectangular box that contains the individual card title. The subject artwork for the individual cards is presented within a Police Shield outline. The artwork for the series is rather simplistic, but effective.

The reverse side of the card starts off with the card number and title line at the top of the card. Just below the title line, is the following credit statement: From the records of the Crime Detection Department of the City, State, and Nation. This is followed by a lengthy story about the subject. The bottom of each card contains the following promotion line: This is one in a series of 48 exciting picture cards of thrilling stories of crooks and cops.

Although not noted on the cards, the publisher of the set is the W.S. Corporation, New York City, New York. The American Card Catalog reference number is R13-2.

Typical R13-2 Card Front

Typical R13-2 Card Back



1930s American G-Men (R13-2)
W.S. Corporation of New York City, New York, 48-Cards, United States
xCard Title
701Opium Smugglers
702Insurance Racket
703Alarm Clock Clue
704Lonely Shack
705Broken Bones
706Cornered Rat
707Blowout! Crash!
708Pineapple Bombs
709Snakes Den
710He Got His Man
711Laugh of Death
712Gang War
713Bank Robber
714Desert Mystery
715Air Patrol
716Racketeers Reward
717Moonlight Ghost
718Pueblo Phantom
719Knife vs Gun
720Hillbilly Killers
721Black-Mailer Nailed
722Dynamite Destroyer
723Shanghier Captured
724Wired Tappers
725Black Legion
726Cafeteria Crime
727Baggage Battle
728Smuggling Aliens
729Escaped Convict
730Toughie Squeals
731Big Shot
732Crazy Charlie
733Baseball Murder
734Miami Hijackers
735Hot Money
736Five, Six Pick Up Stiffs
737Coal Chute Shooting
738Great Guy?
739Outlaw Hideout
740Lunch Bandits
741Jewelry Thief
742Kidnapped and Rescued
743Subway Slaughter
744Undercover Man
745Northern Justice
746Oriental Rivals
747Underworld Desperadoes
748Foiling a Kidnapper


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