“Army Guided Missile Trading Cards” (F272-6)
General Mills, (HQ) Golden Valley Minnesota, USA

Series Title: Army Guided Missile Trading Cards
American Card Catalog Number: F272-6
Issued by: General Mills, Cheerios
Country: (HQ) Golden Valley Minnesota, USA
Number of Cards: 9
Card Dimensions: 2¼ × 3½ inches
Circa: no data


General Mills used the popular playing card format with coated surfaces, rounded corners, and flexible card stock in producing this nine-card series of Army Guided Missile Trading Cards. The color photographs are borderless and are devoid of printing. The the card packs, the phrase “Cheerios Army Guided Missile Trading Card” precedes the card number. There are two separate sections of text and the set length is stated at the bottom.

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Cheerios (F272-6)
“Army Guided Missile Trading Cards”
Card No.CheckboxCard Title
1The “Nike”
2The “Nike”
3The “Honest John”
4The “Honest John”
5The “Redstone”
6The “Nike”
7The “Redstone”
8The “Corporal”
9The “Nike”


  1. John A. Shupek: Card images via the Skytamer Archive Digital Image Database.

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