Aviation Chewing Gum Premiums (V402)
World Wide Gum, Montréal, Québec, Canada

Series Title: AVIATION Chewing Gum and The BIG 3 Series Premiums
Issued by: World Wide Gum, Montréal, Québec
Country of Origin: Canada
American Card Catalog Number: V402
Number of Cards: 2 × 10
Card Dimensions: 9.00 × 4.75 in. (22.86 × 12.07 cm)
Circa: 1940
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During the early years of World War II, the World Wide Gum Company, Montréal, Québec, Canada (a.k.a. Goudey Gum Canada) issued the following wartime series of trading cards: (1) Aviation Chewing Gum (V401-1), (2) Aviation Series (V401-2), (3) Marine Bubble Gum (V403-1), (4) Marine Series (V403-2), (5) Victory Bubble Gum (V406-1), and Victory Series (V406-2). All of theses sets featured military photos plus descriptive text in both English and French.

Premiums Series

The initial Aviation Chewing Gum (V401) series was subsequently followed with a series of ten premium issue cards. These ten cards were known as the “AVIATION Chewing Gum Premiums,” and are listed in the American Card Catalog as reference number V402. The cards feature brown-sepia images of 10 different World War II British combat aircraft. The cards are numbered 1 to 10. Later, “The BIG Three Series Premiums” of ten cards became an extension of the series, and these blue-sepia cards were numbered 11 through 20. The second series contains one tank, one Canadian built Corvette, and eight aircraft. Both series are printed on heavy paper stock and measure 9.00 × 4.75 inches.


The following Image-Guide shows the two 10-card “Premium” subsets for the V402 series. The “AVIATION Chewing Gum” and “The BIG 3 Series” Premiums.

“AVIATION Chewing Gum” Premiums (10)

“The BIG 3 Series” Premiums (10)


V402 Premiums
"AVIATION Chewing Gum" Premiums
1The Armstrong Whitworth ”Whitley”
2The Blackburn ”Skua”
3The Boulton Paul ”Defiant”
4The Bristol ”Blenheim”
5The Fairey ”Battle”
6The Hawker ”Hurricane”
7The Miles ”Master”
8The Short ”Sunderland”
9The Supermarine ”Spitfire”
10The Vickers ”Wellington”
"The BIG 3 Series" Premiums
11The Bristol ”Beaufort”
12The Douglas ”Boston”
13A British high-speed cruiser tank
14The Fairey ”Fulmar”
15The Lockheed ”Hudson”
16The Blackburn ”Botha”
17A Canadian-built ”Corvette”
18The Bristol ”Bolingbroke”
19The Grumman ”Interceptor”
20The Hawker ”Henley”


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