Card-O: Aeroplanes “Mixed” Series (R112-12)
By: John A. Shupek (

  • Series Title: Card-O: Aeroplanes “Mixed” Series (Card-O)
  • ACC No.: R112-12
  • Copyrighted by: Whitman Publishing Company, Racine, WI, USA
  • Manufactured by: Leaf Gum Company
  • Number of Cards: 45
  • Numbering: unnumbered
  • Card Dimensions: 2¼ × 3½ (PLC)
  • Circa: 1944
  • Checklist: Download

Card-O: Aeroplanes “Mixed” Series

The Card-O: Aeroplanes “Mixed” Series of 45 cards may actually be parts from several different sets. What the sets were, appears to be lost in history. However, the common denominator throughout the “Mixed” series is the absence of any series identification or set total. Furthermore, the “Mixed” series is actually divided into four very distinct subsets. Each subset has its own characteristic look and basic theme. Examples of the four subsets are shown below.

  1. The Military Aircraft Subset contains twenty-one (21) “in flight” color paintings of United States Army and Navy World War II aircraft. A heavy horizontal black line separates the image area from the title line. The title line identifies the subject aircraft and the military service branch. A 1944 copyright tag for Whitman Publishing Company appears slightly below the heavy black horizontal separation line. The reverse side of the card contains the card title and a descriptive text of the subject aircraft.

  2. The Civilian/Private Aircraft Subset contains thirteen (13) color paintings of United States built civilian/private aircraft. A white title stripe is located beneath the aircraft image. The title line denotes the aircraft manufacturer/model and the country of origin. The reverse side of the card contains the card title and a descriptive text of the subject aircraft.

  3. The Aircraft Warfare Strategies Subset contains six (6) paintings of Aircraft Warfare Strategies used during World War II. The borderless image area encompasses the entire card. The title for the card appears on the Backside along with a descriptive text.

  4. The United States Navy Equipment and Weaponry Subset contains five (5) paintings and concentrates on United States Navy equipment and weaponry used during World War II. The image area on each of the cards is surrounded by a thick blue border. A white title strip appears beneath the image and denotes the type of equipment and the country of origin. The reverse side of the card contains the card title and a descriptive text.

Early reports of the set containing 46 cards appear to be incorrect. The “Evasive Action” and the “Torpedo Bombing” cards in the United States Navy Equipment and Weaponry Subset are in reality only one card … “Torpedo Bombing.” All of the cards in this “Mixed” series are of the “PLC” format (playing cards) and have rounded corners. The basic card dimensions are 2¼ × 3½. The American Card Catalog reference number for the series is R112-12.

Card-O: Aeroplanes “Mixed” Series Image Guide

Military Aircraft Subset (21 cards)

Civilian/Private Aircraft Subset (13 cards)

Aircraft Warfare Strategies Subset (6 cards)

United States Navy Equipment and Weaponry Subset (5 cards)

Wrapper and Retail Store Display Box

All we have at this time is the information that we obtained from “The Sport Americana® PRICE GUIDE to the Non-Sports Cards 1930-1960, Vol. 2” by Christopher Benjamin. According to Benjamin, Card-O Chewing Gum stick wrapper purchasers got one stick of gum and their choice of a card for a penny. The Retail Store Display box shown below came with a lift cover. Each box also contained a stand-up insert panel with the same design as the cover lid. We are not sure which of the many Card-O series (R112-3, R112-4, R112-12, etc.) used the wrapper and the box show below. Any insight into this would be appreciated.

Albums versus Original Artwork

To the best of our knowledge, Leaf Gum did not issue any companion albums with this series. However, the Whitman Publishing Company of Racine, Wisconsin issued a series of wartime booklets that contained the original artwork used by Leaf Gum for this series. The artwork is spread over at least five of these 3⅝ × 5¾ inch booklets. The artwork was also used in the Tydol UO-1 “Aeroplane” series, the Spaulding Krullers D87 and DC-6 series, and a similar Cracker Jack series. To date, we know of the following six booklets. There might be more of them out there, but we have not seen them.


We have included two versions of checklist: (1) the web version shown below, and (2) an Adobe® Acrobat® PDF 8-1/2" x 11" format checklist. Skytamer Archive subscribers may access, download and print out this checklist by entering their username and password when prompted.

Card-O: Aeroplanes “Mixed” Series
Subset 1
(21 Cards)
Subset 2
(13 Cards)
Subset 3
(6 Cards)
Subset 4
(5 Cards)
Card Title
Military Aircraft Subset (21 cards)
 BELL AIRACOBRA • U. S. Army Fighter
 CURTISS HELLDIVER • U. S. Navy Dive Bomber
 CURTISS SEAGULL • U. S. Navy Scout Observation
 CURTISS WARHAWK • U. S. Army Fighter
 DOUGLAS DAUNTLESS • U. S. Navy Dive Bomber
 DOUGLAS HAVOC • U. S. Army Night Fighter
 DOUGLAS SKYMASTER • U. S. Army Transport
 GRUMMAN AVENGER • U. S. Navy Torpedo Bomber
 GRUMMAN HELLCAT • U. S. Navy Fighter
 GRUMMAN WILDCAT • U. S. Navy Fighter
 MARTIN MARAUDER • U. S. Army Medium Bomber
 MARTIN MARINER • U. S. Navy Patrol Bomber
 VOUGHT CORSAIR • U. S. Navy Fighter
Civilian/Private Aircraft Subset (13 cards)
  BEECHCRAFT E • United States
  CESSNA C-145 • United States
  CULVER CADET • United States
  ERCOUPE 315-C• United States
  MONOCOUPE 90A • United States
  PIPER CUB J-4 • United States
  RYAN S C • United States
  RYAN S-T-A • United States
  STEARMAN PT-13 • United States
  STINSON 105 • United States
  TAYLORCRAFT • United States
  WACO N • United States
Aircraft Warfare Strategies Subset (6 cards)
United States Navy Equipment and Weaponry Subset (5 cards)
 AIRCRAFT CARRIER (Cross Section) • United States
 ALLIGATOR TANK • United States
 NAVAL MINES • United States
 NON-RIGID AIRSHIP • United States
 RUBBER LIFE RAFT • United States
Wrapper and Store Display Box
1-Cent Card-O Wrapper
1-Cent Card-O "War Planes of Allied Nations" Retail Store Box
Companion Booklets Containing Card-O Artwork
"A Guide to American Airplanes," John B. Walker, Whitman Publishing, 1940
"Warplanes of All Nations," John B. Walker, Whitman Publishing, 1940
"A Guide to Airplanes of the U.S.A.," John B. Walker, Whitman Publishing, 1942
"Modern Warplanes of the World," John B. Walker, Whitman Publishing, 1942
"Warplanes of the World," John B. Walker, Whitman Publishing, 1943
"Airplanes of the U.S.A.," John B. Walker, Whitman Publishing


Chris Shepard for sending us scans and information about Whitman's “Airplanes of the U.S.A.” companion booklet.

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Vladislav Kuchta of the Czech Republic for sending us a scan of the Card-O Store Retail Box Display.

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Albert “Al” B. Kramer — A very special thanks to Albert B. Kramer, President of Roll-EZ Wheels, for loaning us his entire collection of over 200 Non-Sports aviation trading card sets to scan for our website. Without Al's generous help, the scope of the airplane trading cards on this website would be significantly less. Al is a retired Air Racing pilot who raced during the 1980's in his famous “Cobra #22” Biplane Air Racer (N12FE). After his Air Racing career, Al went on to become Owner and President of San-Val Aviation located at the Van Nuys Airport. Al recently “retired” and turned his hobby of large scale model trains into “Roll-EZ Wheels”. Roll-EZ Wheels specializes in the finest large scale model train wheels, and other exclusive products strictly for large scale model trains! Be sure to visit Al's Roll-EZ Wheels website.

Al's Non-Sports card collection consists of War Cards, Presidents, Indians, Cars, Boats, Ships, Planes, Rockets, Movie Stars, Dogs, Licence Plates, Flags of the World, Headlines, Cigarette, and Cereal cards. Al's collection includes the only-known example of the Carnation “Aircraft Recognition Cards” (F270-1a) Douglas D558-2 “Red Skyrocket”. Al obtained the Carnation “Red Skyrocket” card in a group of 12 different cards that he bought on eBay. He originally thought that the cards were a batch of Nabisco cards until he turned over the “Red Skyrocket” card and it instantly became Al's most prized Non-Sports card. Al believes that the “Red Skyrocket” was made as a sample for Carnation and somehow got into circulation. The Carnation “Red Skyrocket“ (Douglas D-558-2) was an artist drawing, while the Douglas D-558-2 “Skyrocket” included in both the Carnation F270-1a (single line) and the F270-1b (two-line) normal circulation sets were color photos, rather than drawings. As a sidenote, the Douglas D-558-1 “Red Skystreak” was also an artist drawing, but went into general circulation and was included in both the F270-1a and F270-1b Carnation sets. All of the other cards in both of the Carnation sets appear to be photographs.

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Richard “Dick” R. Dahlquist (1 September 1939 - 11 August 2007) was a lifelong resident of Holden, Massachusetts, and a United States Air Force veteran of the Vietnam War. Dick graduated from Wachusett Regional High School and the New England School of Accounting. He was an accountant for many years and also did private accounting work from his home. He was an avid sportsman and was active in the Nimrod League of Holden.

One of Dick's favorite hobbies was collecting Non-Sports Airplane Trading Cards. Dick wrote numerous articles concerning Non-Sports Airplane Trading Cards for “The Wrapper” non-sports cards periodical, and was a contributor to the NSB (Non-Sports Bible) by Dr. Chris Watson. Dick possessed one of the best and well known Airplane Trading Cards collections. In the Non-Sports “Airplane Trading Card World”, Dick was considered to be “The” Premier Airplane Trading Card collector.

Skytamer Images' John Shupek had the pleasure of working with Dick from 2002 through his passing in 2007. Dick was an avid supporter and mentor of Skytamer Images by supplying numerous airplane trading card images and insight for the website. Skytamer's first contact with Dick was in 2002 when Dick and John were constantly bidding against each other on eBay. Dick and John soon realized that Skytamer needed card images, while Dick needed the cards, so they decided to join forces to solve the eBay “bidding war” mutual problem. Whenever Dick or John were about to bid on an airplane card, they would check with each other to confirm their intentions. If Dick needed the card(s), John would “snipe” the card(s), scan them for the website, and then forward them on to Dick. During this five-year timeframe, Dick and John acquired several hundred airplane trading cards/collections in this manner which benefited both Skytamer's image collection and Dick's card collections. During this period, Dick and John talked with each other several times a month and exchanged hundreds of emails before Dick passed. The passing of Richard Dahlquist, has left a void in the Non-Sports “Airplane Trading Card World”. Dick was our mentor, technical consultant, and friend. R.I.P. Dick.

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John Shupek — John is retired Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineer that lives in Southern California. John's 36 year aerospace career/adventure started in the mid-1960s when he worked for Pratt & Whitney at their “FRDC” … Florida Research and Development Center, West Palm Beach, Florida. John was part of the P&W jet engine design team for the CIA/USAF's Lockheed A-12/SR-71A “Oxcart/Blackbird” engines (J58/JT11D-20). He also worked on the RL-10 rocket engine and the JTF-17A which was P&W's entry into the United States' SST competition between Boeing and Lockheed. Several years later, John moved Back to California and worked at the AiResearch Mfg. Company at LAX and Torrance. He originally worked on the thermal design of the HRE (Hypersonic Ramjet Engine) which was a supersonic combustion Mach 7 ramjet engine that was to be tested on the North American X-15. John did about three more years of jet engine design work before he disappeared for 13 years into the classified DOE “GCEP” (Gas Centrifuge Enrichment Plant) Atomic Energy program for the enrichment of U235. After the GCEP program was cancelled by the DOE in 1985, John was hired by Northrop Aircraft to do the thermal design for Northrop's entry into the ATF (Advanced Tactical Fighter) competition, the Northrop YF-23A “Black Widow II” stealth supercruise fighter. He also worked on the Northrop Grumman B-2A “Spirit” stealth bomber. After several years on a classified stealth missile program, John worked the remainder of his Aerospace career as one of Northrop Grumman's Program Directors on the United States Navy's F/A-18E/F “Super Hornet” jet fighter program.

During John's career at Northrop Grumman he served for five years as Northrop's “Vintage Aircraft Club” Commissioner and the Curator and Webmaster for the Western Museum of Flight in Hawthorne, California. Several years later, John was the volunteer webmaster (for about 3 years) for the Yanks Air Museum, Chino, California. He also served as President and webmaster for two different NPO's after his retirement. The Whittier Historical Society & Museum and Whittier Meals on Wheels.

John's love of aviation history and aviation photography lead to the establishment of this website in 1998. The site has continued to expand and will always grow and will never be completed. It's sort of analogous to a snowball rolling down a hill without any trees to stop it. In approximately 2002, John remembered that he had collected Topps “Wings” (ACC# R707-4) airplane trading cards while in High School. Somehow the cards had disappeared over the years. So at this point, he started to re-collect airplane trading cards via eBay and become an airplane card “Image Collector” rather than a “Card Collector” per se. After John scans an airplane card for the website, he has no further use for it and he puts it Back into circulation via eBay. John's mission statement for the is basically to restore and preserve high-quality card images/artwork associated with the various airplane card sets from the early 1900s to the present. These cards are wonderful historical “snapshots” into aviation history showing which aviation events and aircraft were important at that point in time. For the website, basically if it is a trading card collection that features things that fly, but doesn't have feathers, it eligible for the consideration on the website. John always welcome inputs and high resolution scans (600-dpi) that can be used on this website. John can be reached via the “Contact Us” navigation button on the left.


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