1950s “Action in Korea” (unknown)
Exhibit Supply Company, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Series Title: “Action in Korea”
American Card Catalog Number: unknown
Issued by: Exhibit Supply Company, Chicago, Illinois
Issued via: Vending Machine
Country: USA
Number of Cards: 32
Card Numbering: 1 to 32
Type of Card: Korean War Card
Card Dimensions: 5.4 × 3.35 inches (137.2 × 89.1 mm)
Circa: 1950s
Partial Checklist: Download


During 1950s, the Exhibit Supply Company issued this 32-card set of “Action in Korea” vending machine trading cards (arcade cards). This set is not an airplane card set, but we’ve decided to included it as a FYI reference card set. We know very little about the set except for the five reference cards (#3, #10, #15, #23, and #26) that we been able to obtain.

Typical Card Front

Typical Card Back

Partial Image-Guide

Partial Checklist

1950s Action in Korea
Exhibit Supply Company, 32-Cards, USA
Partial Checklist
xCard Title
3U.S. Marines advance to new position after knocking out enemy bunker somewhere in Korea. From USMC photo.
10Action in Korea. U.S. Infantrymen follow the flight of a missile from their 57 m.m. Recoiless Rifle. From U.S. Army Photo.
15Action in Korea. Member of the Royal Canadian Brigade gives Communist position a heat treatment with his flame thrower. From U.S. Army Photo.
23Chinese Communist troops in Korean mountains surrender to U.S. Marines. From USMC Photo.
26Action in Korea. U.S. Marine using flame thrower to deny Communist infiltrators a hiding place. From USMC Photo.


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  2. John A. Shupek: Card images via the Skytamer Archive Digital Image Database

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