1944 American Beauties (R59)
Gum, Inc., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Series Title: American Beauties
American Card Catalog No.: R59
Manufactured by: Gum, Inc.
Country: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Number of Cards: 24 cards (unnumbered)
Card Dimensions: 2 ½ × 3 3⁄16 inches
Circa: 1944
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For obvious reasons, this was one of the most popular series of "Gum" cards that was probably never sold with gum!. In order to keep these spicy subjects out of the hands of the children, the marketing of these cards was aimed at the more sophisticated clientele, without the gum. These blank-backed 2 ½ × 3 3⁄16 inches cards were sold in Variety and Tobacconists Stores and in packs of 12 for five cents, in cellophane packs, and in nine card sheets. Each card has the caption Gum, Inc., Phila., Pa. printed within the black border frame line. The color artwork of the cards was obtained from a series of larger arcade cards that were being marketed concurrently by the Mutoscope Company. The American Card Catalog Reference No. for the series is R59.

Typical R59 Card Front

Typical R59 Blank Card Back

Typical R59 Uncut Sheet of Nine Cards



1944 “American Beauties” (R59)
Gum Inc., 24-Cards, U.S.A.
xCard Title
(1)A Good Hook-up
(2)A Live Wire
(3)Ankles Aweigh
(4)A Peek-a’-Knees
(5)A Perfect Pair
(6)Caught in the Draft
(7)Figures Don’t Lie
(8)Foil Proof
(9)Forced Landing
(10)Free Wheeling
(11)French Dressing
(12)Just the Type
(13)Miss-Place Confidence
(14)No Stares!
(15)On De-Fence
(16)Out on a Limb
(17)Peek a View
(18)Playing Safe
(19)Short On Sails
(20)Sitting Pretty
(21)Sport Model
(22)Sure Shot
(23)Thar She Blows
(24)Weight Control


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