1912 “Aeroplane Series No. 103” (T28)
Duke of York, Milo, Oxford Cigarettes

Series Title: “Aeroplane Series № 103”
American Card Catalog No.: T28
Issued by: The Khedivial Company and The Surbrug Co.
Packaged with: Duke of York Cigarettes (Khedivial), Oxford Cigarettes (Khedivial), and Milo Cigarettes (Surbrug)
Country of origin: United States of America
Year issued: 1912
Type of card: Tobacco card
Number of Cards: 3 sets of 10
Numbering: no numbering
Card Dimensions: 2.54 × 1.75 in. (nominal measured)
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“Aeroplane Series No. 103” was a series of three 10-card aeroplane cigarette trade card sets issued by two manufacturers: (1) The Khedivial Company, New York City, Factory No. 348, 2nd Dist., N.Y., and (2) The Surbrug Co., 81 Dey St., New York, Factory No. 348, 2nd Dist., N.Y. during 1912. There were a total of three sets of 10-cards. The fronts and backs of the cards were identical except for the manufacturer’s advertising copy on the reverse side. The Khedival Company issued two 10-card sets packaged with Duke of York cigarettes and Oxford cigarettes. The Surbrug Co. issued one 10-card set packaged with Milo cigarettes. Note that all of the sets were issued from the same factory in New York.

The card fronts feature landscape color artwork of significant airships and powered aeroplanes of the era. The attractive color artwork is surrounded by a white border. The subject title is included within the artwork.

The backs of the cards are presented in a portrait format. The card backs are divided into three vertical segments: (1) Series title and length, (2) descriptive text, and (3) manufacturer’s advertising copy. The card measured dimensions are 2.54 × 1.75 inches. The American Card Catalog reference number for the set is T28.


The following images shown the three 10-card sets of Aeroplane Series No. 103. Please note that all of the following card images have been computer enhanced in an attempt to show the artwork as originally issued in 1912. Behind each thumbnail image is a 600-dpi image that you may access.


1912 Aeroplane Series No. 103
Duke of York Cigarettes (Khedivial), Oxford Cigarettes (Khedivial), and Milo Cigarettes (Surbrug)
DukeOxfordMiloCard Subject
Baldwin’s Dirigible No.1, Sold to U.S. Government
Blériot’s Monoplane crossing the English Channel.
C.D. Curtiss in the June Bug
French War Balloon La Republique
Henri Farman Aeroplane, Winner of the $10,000 prize, Paris, France, Jan. 13, 1908.
Langley’s Flyer, trial on the Potomac River.
Latham’s Monoplane
The Santos Dumont No. 19
The Zeppelin Airship
Wright Bros. Aeroplane


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