1930 “Tucketts Aeroplane Series” (C111)
By: John A. Shupek (Skytamer Images)

  • Series Title: Aeroplane Series
  • Issued by: Tuckett Tobacco Company
  • Country of origin: Canada
  • Year issued: 1930
  • Type of card: Tobacco Insert Card
  • Number of Cards: 52-cards
  • Numbering: 1 to 52 on card front and reverse
  • Card Dimensions: 68 × 45 mm


The “Aeroplane Series” set is a series of 52 airplane tobacco insert trade cards issued in Canada during 1930 by the Tuckett Tobacco Company. This C111 set shares much of the artwork presented in the C110 set. We are currently in the process on assembling the details of this set. Please check Back at a later date for the final details.

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