1929 “Tucketts Aviation Series” (C111)
Tuckett Tobacco Company, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Series Title: “Tucketts Aviation Series”
American Card Catalog No.: C111
Issued by: The Tuckett Tobacco Company, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Number of Cards: 104 Combined Total; 52 Dated cards; 52 Undated cards
Card Dimensions: 45 mm × 68 mm
Circa: 1929
Checklist: Download Checklist


During 1929 the Tuckett Tobacco Company of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada issued two, possibility three, series of aviation cigarette trade cards. The card fronts for each of the series were identical and featured paintings of 52 different aircraft of the era. The artist was F. Kenwood Giles. The backsides of the cards were slightly different.

The number of sets associated with the “Tucketts Aviation Series” is generally considered to be only two sets; the “undated” and the “May, 1929 dated” sets. Most collectors consider the over-printed “May, 1929 - TRADERS” cards as just a back variation and mix the “Undated” with the “May, 1929 Dated” variations to complete their collections. However, if you are a “Purist Collector,” and want to spend a lot of money, you will go “for the gold” and attempt to collect all 156 cards rather than just the 104 cards. (Possible Monkeywrench: We assume that there are 52 cards in the subset, however do not know if that has been verified!)

Typical C111 Card Fronts and Backs



“Tucketts Aviation Series” Checklist (C111)
  1. The de Havilland “Moth”
  2. Avro “Baby”
  3. Avro Triplane
  4. Bach “Air Yacht”
  5. Keystone Bomber “Panther”
  6. Martin, Model T3., M2
  7. Ireland Amphiplane
  8. Curtiss “Fledgling”
  9. Waco 10
  10. Beardmore “Inflexible”
  11. Fairey III.F
  12. Wright “Apache”
  13. Supermarine Quadruplane
  14. Swallow Biplane
  15. Dornier “Superwal”
  16. Rohrbach “Roland”
  17. Boulton and Paul “Sidestrand”
  18. Gloster “Gamecock II”
  19. Blackburn “Bluebird”
  20. Supermarine “Napier S.5”
  21. Parnall “Imp”
  22. Lockheed “Air Express”
  23. Vickers “Fairchild”
  24. Blackburn “Isis II”
  25. Junkers Monoplane “Bremen”
  26. Curtiss “Falcon”
  27. Junkers G.24
  28. Andiz Light Monoplane
  29. Kinner Folding Wing Monoplane
  30. Halpin “Flamingo”
  31. Stearman C.2
  32. Bristol “Bulldog-Jupiter”
  33. de Havilland “Tiger Moth”
  34. Koolhoven F.K.31
  35. Whippoorwill Cabin Monoplane
  36. “Argosy-Jaguar”
  37. Ripon II
  38. Supermarine “Southampton”
  39. de Havilland “Hound”
  40. C.R.20 Fiat Fighter
  41. Short “Calcutta”
  42. Ryan Mahoney “The Spirit of St. Louis”
  43. Reid “Rambler”
  44. Vickers Flying Boat
  45. Loening Amphibian
  46. Macchi 52 Seaplane
  47. Avro “Avian”
  48. Vickers “Vimy”
  49. Savoia Flying Boat
  50. de Havilland 50
  51. Fokker F.10
  52. P.N.12 Flying Boat


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  2. John A. Shupek: Card images via the Skytamer Archive Digital Image Database.

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