Aéroplanes Série VIII
Nestlé, France

Series Title: Aéroplanes Série VIII
Cartophilic Reference Number: unknown
Issued by: Nestlé
Packages with: Nestlé’s Chocolats Au Lait
Country of origin: France
Year issued: unknown
Type of card: Candy
Number of Cards: 12-cards
Numbering: 1 to 12
Card Dimensions: 56.9 × 40.9 mm


The Aéroplanes Série VIII is a series of twelve Aéroplanes candy trade cards issued by Nestlé’s as candy insert cards. The cards measure approximately 57 × 41 mm and are printed on paper rather than heavy card stock. The cards feature color artwork in a chronology of Aéroplanes from 1812 through the end of World War I. At this point, that’s about all we know.



1Aéroplanes 1812 — Machine Volante Deghem
2Title unknown
3Title unknown
4Aéroplanes 1900 — Aéroplane Frutschler-Falkenstein
5Aéroplanes 1905 — Aéroplane Ferber
6Aéroplanes 1905 — Aeroplane Archdeacon
7Aéroplanes 1912 — Biplan Farman
8Aéroplanes 1913 — Monoplan Genre Blériot
9Aéroplanes 1914 — Monoplan Moisant
10Title unknown
11Aéroplanes 1918 — Aerobus
12Title unknown


  1. John A. Shupek: Card images via the Skytamer Archive Digital Image Database.

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