1939 “Aeroplane Models” (EDM-11)
J. Edmondson & Co., Ltd., Liverpool, England

Series Title: Aeroplane Models
British Trade Index Reference Number: EDM-11
Issued by: J. Edmondson & Co., Ltd., Liverpool, England
Issued with: Edmondson’s Purity Brand Sweets
Country: England
Number of Cards: 4
Card Numbering: unnumbered
Type of Card: Confectionery
Card Dimensions: 39.37 × 70.70 mm
Circa: 1939


During 1939, the J. Edmondson & Co., Ltd., Liverpool, England, issued a 4-card set of unnumbered “Aeroplane Models” confectionery trading cards that were issued with Edmondson’s Purity Brand Sweets. The cards measure 1.55 × 2.78 inches (39.37 × 70.70 mm), and are assigned the British Trade Index reference number EDM-11.

The fronts and backs of these 1939 unnumbered “Aeroplane Models” cards feature color drawings that are meant to be “cut-out” to make “flyable” airplane models. However, this is probably the smallest “cut-out” set of flying model airplanes that we have ever seen. We are all very familiar with the 1941-1942 “Kellogg’s Pep Model Warplane Series” (F273-18a/b/c/d). These Kellogg’s Model Warplane Series of 28 cards, due to their size, when properly cut out and assembled, at least had a chance of flying! Speaking as Aeronautical Engineer, of which I happen to be (Northrop Grumman Program Director, USN F/A-18E/F Super Hornet, ret.), these particular “tobacco sized” cards have about the same chance of flying as a bumblebee with a missing wing.

Nostalgically, the four EDM-11 unnumbered “Aeroplane Models” cards are a very cute set. However, it should also be noted that this set is semi-rare and very difficult to collect. Most likely the reason for the scarcity is the young collectors of that era actually cut the cards out to try to make them fly, therefore limiting the number of intact cards. Since 2002, we’ve only seen two cards; one on eBay, the Boulton Paul Defiant which we purchased, and the Supermarine Spitfire. Due to the rarity of the set, we have images for only the Boulton Paul Defiant (front and back) and the Supermarine Spitfire (front only) cards. We would certainly appreciate your help to complete this page with scans of the two missing cards. See details below.

The following reference card shows the fronts and backs of a typical 1939 “Aeroplane Models” (EDM-11) card. Click on the card images to reveal full-size computer enhanced 600-dpi images of the card.

Image-Guide [2]

The following 1939 unnumbered “Aeroplane Models” (EDM-11) 4-card set by J. Edmondson & Co., Ltd., Liverpool, England, Image-Guide shows computer enhanced images of the fronts and backs of EDM-11 cards that we currently have. Behind each thumbnail image is a 600-dpi computer enhanced card image that you may access. In addition, directly beneath the Image Guide, in tabular form, are links to the original scans used for this series.

1939 “Aeroplane Models”
Edmondson’s Purity Brand Sweets, 4-Airplane Cards


1939 “Aeroplane Models” (EDM-11)
J. Edmondson & Co., Ltd., Liverpool, 4-Cards, England
xCard Title
(1)Boulton Paul Defiant
(2)Fighter Aircraft Hangar **
(3)Hawker Hurricane **
(4)Supermarine Spitfire **
*Unnumbered cards are sorted alphabetically.
**Need 600-dpi scans of the card fronts and backs of these cards.


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  2. John A. Shupek: Card images via the Skytamer Archive Digital Image Database.

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