1932 “A History of Aviation” (Green Fronts)
Lambert & Butler, United Kingdom

Series Title: “A History of Aviation” (Green Fronts)
World Tobacco Issues Index No.: L8-52-A
Issued by: Lambert & Butler
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Year issued: 1932
Type of card: Tobacco
Number of Cards: 25
Numbering: 1 to 25 on reverse side
Card Dimensions: 67 × 36 mm
Checklist: Checklist


The “A History of Aviation” is a series of 25 aeroplane cigarette trade cards issued by Lambert & Butler during 1932. The set is referred to as the green front set due to the green tint on the fronts the cards. The landscaped images on the card fronts feature a chronology of aviation attempts, milestones, and significant aeroplanes from the 1843 Cayley Aerial Carriage up to the 1931 Vickers Supermarine Roll-Royce S.6.B. The card fronts have a white border with a thin black border-line surrounding the image. The card titles are centered beneath the image area within the white border. A Lambert & Butler’s Cigarettes advertising line is included within the image area.

The backs of the cards are printed in green ink, and are presented in a portrait format. The card backs include the set title “A History of Aviation,” the series length A Series of 25, the card number, a descriptive text of the subject aircraft, and the manufacturer’s information Issued by Lambert & Butler, Branch of the Imperial Tobacco Co. (Of Great Britain & Ireland), Ltd.


1932 “A History of Aviation” (Green Fronts) Original Card Scans
1 1b 2 2b 3 3b 4 4b 5 5b
6 6b 7 7b 8 8b 9 9b 10 10b
11 11b 12 12b 13 13b 14 14b 15 15b
16 16b 17 17b 18 18b 19 19b 20 20b
21 21b 22 22b 23 23b 24 24b 25 25b  


1932 “A History of Aviation” (Green Fronts)
Issued by Lambert & Butler
Branch of the Imperial Tobacco Co. (Of Great Britain & Ireland) Ltd.

xCard Title
1Cayley’ Aerial Carriage. 1843
2Henson & Stringfellow’s Model Aeroplane, 1843-7
3Stringfellow’s Model Aeroplane, 1848
4Maxim’s Experimental Aeroplane, 1894
5A Lilienthal Glider, 1895
6A Pilcher Glider, 1896
7Chanute Type Glider, 1897
8Langley’s Aerodrome, 1903
9Wright Aeroplane, 1903
10Santos-Dumont’s 14 Bis, 1908
11Voisin Biplane, 1907-8
12Santos-Dumont’s La Demoiselle, 1908
13A.V. Roe’s Triplane, 1909
14Bleriot’s Monoplane, 1909
15Rumpler Monoplane, 1909-11
16Short Float-Seaplane, 1912
17Maurice Farman Shorthorn Biplane, 1914
18Avro Biplane Type 504, 1914
19Short Shirl Torpedo Carrier, 1917
20Vickers-Vimy Rolls-Royce Aeroplane, 1919
21De Havilland Moth Light Aeroplane, 1926
22Fairey IIIF Biplane, 1926-27
23Junkers Monoplane Bremen, 1928
24Short Kent Flying-Boat, 1931
25Vickers Supermarine Rolls-Royce S.6.B., 1931


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