WWII Allies in Action (R11)
W. H. Brady Company, Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA

Series Title: Allies in Action
American Card Catalog No.: R11
Manufactured by: W. H. Brady Company, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Country: United States
Number of Cards: 140
Numbering (Series 1): Numbering (Series 2): Card Dimensions: 62 × 70 mm
Circa: early World War II
Checklist: Download


The 140-card Allies in Action series (R11) is actually a continuation of the 70-card Commando Ranger series (R34). The Commando Ranger series was numbered CR-1 to CR-70. The first 70-card printing of the Allies in Action series picked up the card numbering sequence with AA-71 through AA-140. The second printing of the Allies in Action series contains only 35 cards and is numbered sequentially from AA-141 through AA-175. The cards were issued in strips of seven cards per strip. Therefore, a full set, including both series contained a total of 15 strips with 7 cards per strip.

The fronts of the cards are divided into five separate panels. The left and right side panels are either red or blue with seven white V’s (V for Victory) stacked on top of each other. The top center panel contains to the set title ALLIES IN ACTION. The center panel features a color drawing of a wartime event. The subjects of the cards depict a serialized story that is partially told on each card, and then continued on the next card. Examples are shown below. The bottom center panel contains the title of the card.

Typical R11 Card Front

The reverse sides of the cards are an entirely different story. At first we thought that there was only one printing sequence. In reality, we found a total of six different card back variations. There are two major categories: (1) PICTOCARD and (2) PICTOGRAM cards. Each category has at least three different printing variations and each variations appears to come in both tan and grey back versions.

Card Variants

Variant 1

Variant 2

Variant 3

Variant 4

Variant 5

Variant 6


First Printing Series (Cards AA-71 to AA-140)

Second Printing Series (Cards AA-141 to AA-175)

Partial Checklist

First Printing Series
AA-71Flying Fortress Knocks Nazis
AA-72Plane Torpedo Buckles U-Boat
AA-73Combat Planes Punish Jap Navy
AA-74Gun Crew Defends Battle Station
AA-75Losing Y-Gun Ash-Can
AA-76Frontline Repair Depot
AA-77Havocs Hammer Hitler’s Harbors
AA-78Another Jap Joins Davy Jones
AA-79Swift Sea and Air Action
AA-80Sub Bombs Axis Oil Dumps
AA-81Axis Atrocities Will Be Avenged
AA-82Beating off Axis Air Attack
AA-83Allied Airmen Tear Tanks Apart
AA-84Allied (sic) Navy’s Rule the Waves
AA-85U.S. Army Air Corps Insignia
AA-86Loading Jeeps on Carrier Plane
AA-87Combat Troops Make Glider Landing
AA-88Yanks Boarding Troop Transport
AA-89Armorers Loading Bomb Bay
AA-90Air Warfare Analysis
AA-91Torpedo Plane Combat Procedure
AA-92British Spitfire Dominates Dogfight
AA-93Navy Fighters in Formation
AA-94Big British Bombers Pound Enemy
AA-95Russian Bombers Plaster Objectives
AA-96Air Corps Attacks Axis Landings
AA-97A.A. Searchlight Pins Nazi Planes
AA-98Jeep Towing Field Gun
AA-99Merchant Marine in Convoy
AA-100Axis Ship Going Under
AA-101The Sun Sets for Tojo’s Nips
AA-102Railway Gun Defends Coast
AA-103Flying Tigers Taking Off
AA-104Dropping Flares on Axis Targets
AA-105Trench Mortar Blasting Axis
AA-106Tragedy Alive Tuolon Harbor
AA-107Air Minesweeper Detonates Mines
AA-108Death of a Deadly Jap Sniper
AA-109Fast Catapult Take Off
AA-110Sighting Jap Destroyer
AA-111Dive Bomber Closing In
AA-112Torpedo Away To A Hit
AA-113Charge of Operations
AA-114Zooming Away Victorious
AA-115Forward Into Battle
AA-116Into the Thick of It
AA-117Hot Reception in Aleutians
AA-118Bombing Jap Troop Transports
AA-119Side Gun Riddles Fighters
AA-120Back To Base Alive
AA-121Mechanical Ears Scout Action
AA-122Extensive Landing Operations
AA-123The End of Men and Machines
AA-124Barrage Balloon Protection
AA-125Half-Tracks Repel Air Assault
AA-126PT Boat Attacks Shore Batteries
AA-127Pushing thru Steaming Jungles
AA-128The End of the Terrible Trail
AA-129Warhawks Swoop into the Fray
AA-130Midnight Moonlight Massacre
AA-131Trolling for Metal Monsters
AA-132Bolts from the Blue
AA-133Sky Troops Consolidate for Combat
AA-134Scout Plane Warns Supply Column
AA-135Beach Head Break-Through
AA-136Field Dressing Station
AA-137Scratch One Flat Top
AA-138U.S. Army Air Corps Insignia
AA-139Hard Hitting Hudsons
AA-140Lockheed Lightning Lashes Foe
Second Printing Series
AA-141Flying Fortress Features
AA-142Latest Lancaster Features
AA-143Protection Flight Formation
AA-144Howitzers Hammer Hirohitons
AA-145Antisubmarine Net Protection
AA-146U.S. Coast Guard Gunnery
AA-147Supply Column on Pontoon Bridge
AA-148Stormoviks Stop Blitz Buggies
AA-149Air Blitzing Axis Air Base
AA-150U.S. Bombers over Tokyo
AA-151Sappers Probe for Land Mines
AA-152U.S. Army Air Ambulance
AA-153Cargo Vessel Shipyard
AA-154Spitfire Bags Big Bad Wulf
AA-155Scout Cars Entering Combat Zone
AA-156Winning the Battle of Production
AA-157U.S. Navy Special Corps Insignia
AA-158U.S. Navy Special Corps Insignia
AA-159Subtracting Zeros in Arctic Waste
AA-160Along the Alcan Highway
AA-161Blasting the Brutes of Berlin
AA-162Trapped Jap Landing Party
AA-163Down in Treacherous Coral Sea
AA-164Death to Attacking Shark
AA-165Friendly Plane to the Rescue
AA-166Salvos from North Carolina
AA-167Boom Net Tender Boxwood
AA-168U.S. Navy’s F4U-2 Corsair
AA-169Eagles of the Fleet Swoop Home
AA-170Winged Commando Warbirds
AA-171Airacobra Winged Bullets
AA-172Terror Strikes Toto’s Termites
AA-173Jap Pillbox Pulverized
AA-174Bringing Up Combat Troops
AA-175Wildcats Dive on Nakajimas


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