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This section currently contains thousands of ‘thumbnail’ photos of aircraft photos presented throughout the website. Behind each thumbnail photo is a high-resolution master JPG photo. The photos are generally 3000×2000 pixels or larger. In some cases, photos taken in the early 2000s are smaller since the digital cameras of that era had smaller resolutions. Many of the photos are all sized to yield 4×6 inch borderless photos without any cropping. All of the photos are Skytamer Images original photos taken by John Shupek or the Skytamer contributors. We do not deface our photos by placing messy copyright notices or watermarks on our photos. So, when you download and print out the photos, it looks like it came from your own camera. However, please remember that all all of our photos are copyrighted and require the following credit for other than personal use: “Courtesy of”. The photos in this section are listed alphabetically by aircraft manufacturer. Use the Alpha buttons above to navigation through the photos.

Sample Photos

The following Grumman A-6A Intruder (BuNo 151782) sample photos were taken on 11/21/2004 during a visit to the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum, San Diego, California. Enjoy!

Grumman A-6A Intruder (BuNo 151782) on display (11/21/2004) at USS Midway Museum, San Diego, California (Photos by John Shupek copyright © 2004 Skytamer Images)

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