1928 “Aerial Navigation, Series C” (SBS-1-3)
Savoy Products Ltd., London, England

Series Title: “Aerial Navigation, Series C”
British Trade Index No.: SBS-1-3a (vertical backs); SBS-1-3b (horizontal backs)
Issued by: Savoy Products Ltd., London, England
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Year issued: 1928
Type of card: Foods issue
Number of Cards: 56
Numbering: C.1 to C.56
Card Dimensions: 74.4 × 48.3 mm (nominal)
Checklist: see below


During the late 1920s, a food stuff manufacturer, Savoy Products Ltd., London, England, issued three series of trading cards in their SAVOY PRODUCTS ’Collection:

The same three sets were issued by Bozon-Verduraz, Paris, France, in their "Collection BOZON-VERDURAZ" series.

1928 Aerial Navigation, Series C

During 1928, SAVOY PRODUCTS, Ltd. (London, England), issued their second aviation related trading card set … Aerial Navigation, Series C. Each of the 56-cards in the set illustrates a different type of flying machine. According to Savoy Products, The series constitutes a complete and exact history of the progress of aviation … The color artwork on the cards fronts are presented in a landscape&lrquo; format. The color artwork features a chronology of aviation events from 1915 through 1927. The card fronts have a generous white border surrounding the artwork image and are divided into the following three vertical components: (1) The product identifier SAVOY PRODUCTS ’Collection is located within the top white border; (2) The color artwork is located in the center, and also includes the card number, i.e. C.1; and (3) The card title, i.e. VOISIN 1915 two-seater, Bombardment (Voisin), is centered within the white border at the bottom of the card. The title also serves as the descriptive text since the backs of the cards are non-descriptive.

There are two types of generic card backs associated with the series. The Type 1 (landscape) cards backs contain the series and card numbers along with instructions on how to redeem the cards for specific gifts.

The Type 2 (portrait) card backs also contained the Series and card numbers, plus instructions for redeeming the cards for a fine present. The Type 2 card backs called for the consumer to complete the entire 56 card set, and then forward the set to Savoy Products.


A very special thanks also to Bob Dros1 of Bel-Air Models of Amsterdam, Netherlands and Pieter van der Zwaart2 of Borne, The Netherlands, for supplying us with the scans shown below. However, we still need a few scans to complete the Image Guide. The cards with the NEED SCAN notation are the equivalent cards, with French titles, from the French Bozon-Verduraz, Aviation, Série C set. Behind each thumbnail image is a 600-dpi image that you may access.

S Punched Cards

Bob Dros1 gave us some insight into the punched cards in this series. It appears that when the cards were returned to SAVOY PRODUCTS in exchange for gift promotions. The cards were voided by punching the letter S for Savoy through the cards and were subsequently returned to the customer along with their gift item(s). The punching prevented re-use and voided the card. An example of a S punched card from the Aerial Navigation, Series B collection is shown below.


To date, we have not seen any examples of an Album" for this (English) series. However, again thanks to Bob Dros1, Amsterdam and Pieter van der Zwaart2, Borne, The Netherlands, we do have images of the equivalent French Aviation, Série C album(s). Most likely the English and the French sets were printed by the same printer, and the likelihood of an English album is positive. The Collection BOZON VERDURAZ master Album Jacket consists of landscaped book-like front and back covers that are expandable to accept multiple album-booklets. Each of the three Collection BOZON VERDURAZ card sets had a corresponding pre-printed album-insert that would house the 56 cards in that set. Each album page was designed to hold 8 cards. The three series as noted in the Overview are: (1) 1926 Costumes Militaires, Série A; (2) 1927 Aeronautique & Aviation, Série B; and (3) 1928 Aviation, Série C. Behind each album image is a 300-dpi image that you may access.

Partial Checklist

1928 Aerial Navigation, Series C
Savoy Products Ltd., United Kingdom
Partial Checklist
T1T2Card Title
C.01VOISIN 1915 two-seater, Bombardment (Voisin).
C.03(French Card - Need Scan) Avion CAUDRON Bimoteur 1915.
C.04NIEUPORT 1916.
C.05MORANE Biplace.
C.06FARMAN 1916, 130 HP. (Farman).
C.07SPAD XIII, 200 HP. (Fronval).
C.08NIEUPORT two-seater 200 HP.
C.09Twin engine FARMAN (Bombardment).
C.10POTEZ, three engines of 180 HP.
C.11(French Card - Need Scan) Avion CAUDRON, 2 moteurs 150 CV.
C.12Racing machine NIEUPORT-DELAGE.
C.13CAUDRON, 4 engines 300 HP.
C.14DE MONGE, 300 HP.
C.15(French Card - Need Scan) Avion BLERIOT SPAD 45. 2 moteurs en tandem dans nacelle latérale.
C.16DYLE & BACALAN, 2 engines 420 HP. (Bombardment).
C.17(French Card - Need Scan) Avion S. A. B. de 300 CV.
C.18Racing machine WIBAULT, Type 7, 450 HP. entirely in duralumine.
C.19SPAD 81, 300 HP
C.21BLERIOT MAMMOUTH, 400 HP. (Blériot).
C.22BREGUET 1919 (Fonck).
C.23MORANE-SAULNIER Racing Machine (Guynemer).
C.24(French Card - Need Scan) Avion de chasse CURTISS 500 CV. (Major W.A. Bishop).
C.25BLERIOT, 4 engines 180 HP. (Casale).
C.26(French Card - Need Scan) Avion WORLINE-SPAD, 300 CV. (Deulin).
C.27Racing machine LEVASSEUR (Nungesser).
C.29Seaplane F.B.A. 300 HP. Journey to Madagascar.
C.30(French Card - Need Scan) Avion BREGUET biplace 300 CV. (Pelletier d’Oisy)
C.31Bomber FARMAN, 2 engines 450 HP. (Cdt Villemin).
C.32BRISTOL BABY 400 HP. London-Madrid without stop.
C.33DE HAVILLAND, three engines 1350 HP., line Le Caire-Karachi (India)
C.34(French Card - Need Scan) Dirigeable ZODIAC V.L., 2 moteurs de 150 CV.
C.35Seaplane PENHOET-RICHARD, 4 engines of 450 HP.
C.36AVRO Seaplane with floats 1925.
C.37NIEUPORT-DELAGE, 300 HP. (Sadi-Lecointe). Speed record 1923: 375 Kil.
C.38Sesquiplan FARMAN Grand Prix of Commercial Machines 1924
C.39BREGUET, Type 26 T, 420 HP. commercial aeroplane.
C.40Amphibian machine F.B.A. Schreck, 300 HP.
C.41NIEUPORT, 180 HP. (Dorme).
C.42MACCHI Seaplane 1926.
C.43(French Card - Need Scan) Hydravion LIORE-OLIVIER 420 CV. Marseille-Madagascar 1926 (27.460 kil.)
C.44MORANE-SAULNIER, 120 HP. Round Mediterranean, 11.850 kil. (Hirschauer).
C.45BREGUET 19, 500 HP. World distance record, October 1926, 5.396 k. (Coste).
C.46LETECOERE seaplane 21. First journey without stop Marseille-Algiers.
C.47POTEZ, 550 HP. Paris-Bassorah. 4305 kil. in 26 hours (Arrachart Bros)
C.48SPIRIT of ST-LOUIS. New-York-Paris, 5.830 kil. May 1927, (Lindbergh).
C.49(French Card - Need Scan) L’AMERICA Cap. Byrd parti de New-York, amerrit à Ver-s.-Mer (Juin 1927)
C.51(French Card - Need Scan) Coupe de structure du LEVIATHAN-BREGUET 1927.
C.52Transport of wounded persons by Ambulance plane.
C.53Embarkation of passengers at Le Bourget on board an aeroplane, Paris-London.
C.54(French Card - Need Scan) Débarquement de colis venant de Londres au Bourget 1927.
C.55Plan of a commercial plane.
C.56(French Card - Need Scan) Salle à manger d’un avion restaurant (Air-Union 1927).


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