1928 “Aviation Serié C” (France)
Bozon-Verduraz, Paris, France

Series Title: “Aviation Serié C”
World Trade Index No.: TBD
Issued by: Bozon-Verduraz, Paris
Country of origin: France
Year issued: 1928
Type of card: Foods issue
Number of Cards: 56
Numbering: C.1 to C.56
Card Dimensions: 74.4 × 48.3 mm (nominal)
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During the late 1920s, a food stuff manufacturer, Savoy Products Ltd., London, England, issued three series of trading cards in their SAVOY PRODUCTS ’Collection:

The same three sets were issued by Bozon-Verduraz, Paris, France, in their Collection BOZON-VERDURAZ series.

Historical Sidenote

At this time, we are assuming that the Bozon-Verduraz company was connected in some way to Lieutenant Jean Seraphin Benjamin Emmanuel Bozon-Verduraz. We’re not sure was his exact role was. We would appreciate any insight into the history of the firm.

Lieutenant Jean Seraphin Benjamin Emmanuel Bozon-Verduraz was a French flying ace during World War I. A prewar soldier, he was recalled and switched from cavalry to aviation to achieve 11 confirmed aerial victories. Bozon-Verduraz joined the French military on 1 October 1910. On 3 April 1911, he was promoted to enlisted Brigadier. On 25 September 1912, on the day he was released from duty, he was also promoted to Maréchal-des-logis. He was recalled to duty when World War I began. After a requested transfer to aviation, he went to Crotoy for pilot’s training. After advanced training at Bourget, he received Pilot’s Brevet No. 2437 on 19 January 1916. On 10 March, he was assigned to Escadrille C11 (the C denoting the squadron’s use of Caudrons). He was injured in an accident on 12 May 1916. He was promoted to Adjutant on 21 November 1916.

On 28 May 1917, he went to fighter school; by 15 June, he was a Nieuport pilot with Escadrille 3. He was commissioned a Sous lieutenant on 11 July. Bozon-Verduraz scored his first aerial triumphs on 16, 17, and 20 February 1918. He was subsequently appointed a Chevalier in the Legion d’Honneur on 5 April. He promptly tallied two more victories in April, becoming an ace on the 21st. After scoring thrice more in May, on 1 July he was appointed to command a SPAD squadron, Escadrille 94. Subsequently, he was promoted to temporary Lieutenant on the 18th. Leading from the front, Bozon-Verduraz scored three more times with his new escadrille. He finished out his war with 11 confirmed victories scored in logging over 683 hours flight time.

Collection BOZON VERDURAZ, Aviation, Série C

During 1928, Bozon-Verduraz, Paris, France, issued their second 56-card aviation related trading card set … Aviation, Série C. The color artwork on the cards fronts are presented in a landscape&lrquo; format. The color artwork features a chronology of aviation events from 1915 through 1927. The card fronts have a generous white border surrounding the artwork image and are divided into the following three vertical components:

  1. The product identifier Collection BOZON VERDURAZ is located within the top white border.
  2. The color artwork is located in the center, and also includes the card number, i.e. C.1.
  3. The card title, i.e. Avion biplane VOISIN - bombardement 1915 (Voisin)., is centered within the white border at the bottom of the card. The title also serves as the descriptive text since the backs of the cards are non-descriptive.

The backs of the cards are generic, with the exception of the card number (i.e. C-47) and the individual card serial numbers (i.e. 254 684). The card backs are presented in a landscape format and are divided into the following five vertical components:

  1. The set title AVIATION.
  2. The set series and card number: Série C-47.
  3. The descriptive text provides information on how to receive the Album and the individual series booklets. (see album below)
  4. The address to return cards for gifts. BOZON- VERDURAZ, 52, Avenue Daumesnil - PARIS (12°)
  5. The individual serial number of the card, i.e. 254 684.


A very special thanks also to Bob Dros[1] of Bel-Air Models of Amsterdam, Netherlands for supplying us with the scans shown below.

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BV Punched Cards

Bob Dros[1] gave us some insight into the punched cards in this series. It appears that when the cards were returned to BOZON VERDURAZ in exchange for gift promotions. The cards were voided by punching the letters BV through the cards and were subsequently returned to the customer along with their gift item(s). The punching prevented re-use and voided the card. An example of a BV punched card is shown below.

Appetizer (Sample) Cards

Bob Dros[1] also sent us scans of some of the Aviation, Série C appetizer or sample cards. The fronts of the cards were the same as the regular issue cards with two exceptions: (1) The letters B.V. were overprinted directly in front of the card number, i.e. B.V.C.37, and (2) the card backs were generic with the following notation Cette image ne donne pas droit à nos cadeaux. (This image does not qualify for our gifts.) It is our guess that all 56 cards (C.1 through C.56) were probably issued as appetizer or sample cards. The cards were most likely packaged or issued with the Aeronautique & Aviation, Série B cards.


Again, A very special thanks to Bob Dros[1], Amsterdam, for sharing his Aviation, Série C album(s) with us. The Collection BOZON VERDURAZ master Album Jacket consists of landscaped book-like front and back covers that are expandable to accept multiple album-booklets. Each of the three the Collection BOZON VERDURAZ card sets had a corresponding pre-printed album-insert that would house the 56 cards in that set. Each album page was designed to hold 8 cards. The three series as noted in the Overview are: (1) Costumes Militaires, Série A (1926); (2) Aeronautique & Aviation, Série B (1927); and (3) Aviation, Série C (1928). Behind each album image is a 300-dpi image that you may access.


1928 Aviation Serié C
Bozon-Verduraz, France
Card №xCard Title
C.1Avion biplace VOISIN - bombardement 1915 (Voisin).
C.2Avion DEPERDUSSIN 1913.
C.3Avion CAUDRON Bimoteur 1915.
C.4Avion NIEUPORT 1916.
C.5Avion biplace MORANE 1916.
C.6Avion FARMAN 130 CV. 1916 (Farman).
C.7Avion SPAD XIII, 200 CV. 1917 (Fronval).
C.8Avion biplace NIEUPORT 200 CV. 1917.
C.9Avion FARMAN bimoteur, bombardement.
C.10Avion POTEZ, 3 moteurs de 180 CV.
C.11Avion CAUDRON, 2 moteurs 150 CV.
C.12Avion Sesquiplan de chasse NIEUPORT-DELAGE.
C.13Avion CAUDRON, 4 moteurs de 300 CV.
C.14Avion DE MONGE 300 CV.
C.15Avion BLERIOT SPAD 45. 2 moteurs en tandem dans nacelle latérale.
C.16Avion DYLE & BACALAN, 2 moteurs 420 CV. (bombardement).
C.17Avion S. A. B. de 300 CV.
C.18Avion de chasse WIBAULT, type 7, 450 CV. entièrement en duralumine.
C.19Avion SPAD 81, 300 CV.
C.20Avion DEWOITINE, 300 CV.
C.21Aviation BLERIOT Mammouth, 400 CV (Blériot).
C.22Avion BREGUET 1919, 420 CV. (Fonck).
C.23Avion de chasse MORANE-SAULNIER (Guynemer).
C.24Avion de chasse CURTISS 500 CV. (Major W.A. Bishop).
C.25Avion BLERIOT, 4 moteurs de 180 CV. (Casale).
C.26Avion WORLINE-SPAD, 300 CV. (Deulin).
C.27Avion de chasse LEVASSEUR (Nungesser).
C.28Avion CAUDRON R.X.I.
C.29Hydravion F.B.A., 300 CV. 1919.
C.30Avion BREGUET biplace 300 CV. (Pelletier d’Oisy).
C.31Avion de bombardement FARMAN, 2 moteurs 450 CV. (Ct Villemin).
C.32Avion BRISTOL-BABY 400 CV. — Londres-Madrid sans escale.
C.33Avion DE HAVILLAND, trimoteur 1350 CV. — Ligne Le Caire-Karachi (Indes).
C.34Dirigeable ZODIAC V.L., 2 moteurs de 150 CV.
C.35Hydravion PENHOET-RICHARD, 4 moteurs de 450 CV.
C.36Hydravion à flotteurs AVRO 1925.
C.37NIEUPORT-DELAGE 300 CV. Record du monde vitesse (Sadi-Lecointe 1923.
C.38Sesquiplan FARMAN — Grand prix des avions de transport 1924.
C.39BREGUET 26 T. 420 CV. avion de transport.
C.40Hydravion F.B.A. amphibie, 300 CV. — Premiére liaison Paris-Londres 1925.
C.41NIEUPORT 180 CV. (Dorme).
C.42Hydravion MACCHI (vainqueur Coupe Schneider 1926).
C.43Hydravion LIORE-OLIVIER 420 CV. Marseille-Madagascar 1926 (27.460 kil.)
C.44MORANE-SAULNIER 120 CV. - Circuit Méditerranéen, Ct Hirschauer (1926).
C.45BREGUET 500 CV. — Paris-Dlask 1926 - 5.396 kil. (Cap. Costes).
C.46Hydravion LETECOERE, 2 mot. 450 CV. Marseille-Alger sans escale 1927.
C.47POTEZ 550 CV. Raid Paris-Bassorah par les Frè Arrachart 1926 (4305 kil).
C.48SPIRIT OF ST-LOUIS. New-York-Paris, Mai 1927 5.830 kil. (Lindbergh).
C.49L’AMERICA Cap. Byrd parti de New-York, amerrit à Ver-s.-Mer (Juin 1927).
C.51Coupe de structure du LEVIATHAN-BREGUET 1927.
C.52Transport de blessés par avion ambulance.
C.53Embarquement des passagers au Bourget, aérobus Paris-Londres 1927.
C.54Débarquement de colis venant de Londres au Bourget 1927.
C.55Coupe d’un avion de transport.
C.56Salle à manger d’un avion restaurant (Air-Union 1927).
Album Jacket Mes Belles Images / My Beautiful Pictures.
Album Insert Aviation Série C (BOZON-VERDURAZ)


  1. Bob Dros: Card and album scans, Bel-Air Models, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  2. Pieter van der Zwaart: Card and album scans, Borne, The Netherlands
  3. John A. Shupek: The Skytamer Collection Digital Image Database

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