1945 Kellogg’s All-Wheat Miscellany, Aeroplanes (1st Set) (FC9-1)
Kellogg’s Ltd., London, Ontario, Canada

Series/Subset Titles: Kellogg’s All-Wheat Miscellany / Aeroplanes (1st Set)
American Card Catalog Number: FC9-1
Issued by: Kellogg’s Ltd.
Packaged with: Kellogg’s All-Wheat Cereal
Country of origin: London, Ontario, Canada
Year issued: 1945
Type of card: Cereal Insert
Number of Cards in Series: 150
Number of Cards in Subset: 15
Subset Numbering: 1 to 15
Card Dimensions: 44 × 64 mm
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  1. John A. Shupek: Card images via the Skytamer Archive Digital Image Database.
  2. Bob Dros: Card images via the Dros Non-Sports Trade Card Collection.

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