“Adventures of the Army, Navy and the Marines” (R3)
Leader Novelty Candy Co., Inc., Brooklyn, NY, USA

Series Title: “Adventures of the Army, Navy and the Marines”
American Card Catalog Number: R3
Issued by: Leader Novelty Candy Co., Inc., Brooklyn, NY
Country: United States
Number of Cards: 60k
Card Dimensions: 2⅜ × 2⅞ inches
Circa: unknown
Partial Checklist: Download


The “Adventures of the Army, Navy and Marines” series issued by Leader Novelty is a classic case of deceptive marketing. The total set of 96, then 240, then 400, as printed on card backs, were never realized. Instead we must assume, if all the numbers implied in each printing sequence actually exist, that the set total appears to be no more than sixty cards. The first run contained 24 cards: 12 odd-numbered Army cards and 12 even-numbered Navy cards. This Army/odd and Navy/even pattern continued in the second print run of 24, which began at No. 96 and ended at 119. The only Marine cards known to carry deca-numbers - 350, 370, 380 - and probably only twelve were issued.

Typical R3 Army Card
A-105 Mobile Anti-Aircraft

Typical R3 Navy Card
N-110 6 in. Gun Turret on Light Cruiser

Typical R3 Marine Corps Card
M-380 Thunderbolt Pursuit P-47

Each service branch has its own frame style, coloration (brown for Army, red for Navy, yellow for Marines), and package-front design. The package fronts are considered scarcer than the cards because coupons on the back could be redeemed for various premiums. Each card formed the back of a small candy box and had two perforated edges for easy removal. The American Card Catalog reference number is R3.


The R3 Image Guide is divided into three sections: (1) Army, (2) Navy, and (3) Marines. Whenever possible, we’ve provided 300-dpi enlarged images behind the thumbnail images.

Army Cards

Army Coupon Card

A-1: Army Plane B-19

A-3: Heavy Army Tank

A-5: Light Army Tank

A-7: Army Ski Patrol

A-9: Unknown Title

A-11: Unknown Title

A-13: 155 m.m. Howitzer

A-15: Parachute Troops

A-17: Unknown Title

A-19: YP38 Interceptor

A-21: Bantam Car

A-23: Sound Detector

A-97: Army P.T.13

A-99: Machine Gun Crew

A-101: Walkie-Talkie

A-103: Parachute Troopers Bailing Out

A-105: Mobile Anti-Aircraft

A-107: Unknown Title

A-109: Mobile Anti-Aircraft

A-111: 14 Coast Defense Gun

A-113: Motorcycle Patrol

A-115: Coast Defense Fortifications

A-117: U.S. Cavalryman

A-119: Army Motorcyclists

Navy Cards

Navy Coupon Card

N-2: Submarine

N-4: Mosquito Boat

N-6: Navy Dive Bomber

N-8: Unknown Title

N-10: Battle in Action

N-12: Patrol Bomber

N-14: Unknown Title

N-16: Heavy Cruiser Augusta

N-18: Aircraft Carrier

N-20: Aerial Bombs

N-22: 5 in. Gun Crew in Action

N-24: Torpedo Attack

N-96: Sub-Chaser

N-98: Navy Mechanics

N-100: U.S.S. Relief Hospital Ship

N-102: Douglas TBD Torpedo Bomber

N-104: Superstructure of Aircraft Carrier

N-106: Tank Landing Speed Boat

N-108: U.S.S. Anderson

N-110: 6 in. Gun Turret On Light Cruiser

N-112: U.S.S. Breckinridge

N-114: Torpedo Launched from Destroyer

N-116: U.S.S. Potomac

N-118: Unknown Title

Marines Cards

Marines Coupon Card

M-350: Marines Attacking

M-360: Tank Attack

M-370: Anti-Tank Gun Attack

M-380: Thunderbolt Pursuit P-47

M-???: There Are Possibly 8 Unknown Marines Cards


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