1926 “Aeroplane Series” (P72-183)
John Player & Sons, Player’s Cigarettes, Nottingham, England


The “Aeroplane Series” of 50 airplane trading cards was issued by John Player & Sons, Nottingham, England during 1926. The cards were packaged with Player’s Cigarettes and were an export issue without the I.T.C. clause. This series was issued mainly in New Zealand, Malaya and Siam.

The “landscape” images on the card fronts feature color-artwork of significant military and civil aircraft of the era. Aircraft from Great Britain, France, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Czecho-Slovak, and the United States of America are included. The card fronts have an imposing golden border surrounding the aircraft artwork. The card titles are included within the artwork image area.

The backs of the cards are presented in a “portrait” format. The card backs are printed in green ink. A green rectangular double-lined box includes the following six vertical segments:

  1. The card number is located in the upper left corner of the card.
  2. The name of the series “Aeroplane Series” is centered at the top of the card.
  3. The cigarette brand “Player’s Cigarettes” is centered beneath the series title.
  4. The card subject, i.e. “The De Havilland 9A” is centered beneath the cigarette brand.
  5. A descriptive text of the subject aircraft is next.
  6. The manufacturer’s logo and location “John Player & Sons, Nottingham, England” are centered at the bottom of the card.

Image Guide

The following images shown the complete 50-card set of “Aeroplane Series” airplane tobacco cards issued by John Player & Sons in 1926. Behind each thumbnail is a 600-dpi image that you may access.


1926 “Aeroplane Series” (P72-183)
Player’s Cigarettes, John Player & Sons, Nottingham, England
xCard Title
1The De Havilland 9A
2The Gloster “Gamecock”
3The Blackburn “Cubaroo”
4The Gloster “Grebe”
5The Nieuport Delage 42 C1 (French).
6The Boulton & Paul “Bugle”
7The Fairey “Fox”
8The Breguet XIX Biplane (French)
9The Fokker D.XIII (Dutch)
10The Spad S.51 (French)
11The Nieuport Avion de Chasse (French)
12The Fairey “Titania”
13The Blackburn “Velos” Seaplane
14The Farman & engine Bomber (French)
15The Vickers “Vanguard”
16The Avro Biplane
17The Bernard Racer (French)
18The Armstrong-Whitworth “Siskin”
19The Parnell “Plover”
20The Avro “Aldershot”
21The Hawker “Woodcock”
22The Dewoitine Monoplane (French)
23The Fokker C.IV Biplane (Dutch)
24The Schneider Monoplane (French)
25The Avro “Bison”
26The Douglas Biplane (American)
27The Curtiss Racing Seaplane (American)
28The Fairey “Flycatcher”
29The Fokker F.VII Monoplane (Dutch)
30De Havilland “Moth”
31The Avia B.H.17 Biplane (Czecho-Slovak)
32The Fairey 111D Seaplane
33The Loening Flying Boat (American)
34The Vickers “Virginia”
35The Dornier “Wal” Flying Boat (German)
36The Savoia Twin Engine Flying Boat (Italian)
37The Savoia Flying Boat 16 ter (Italian)
38The Caproni Bomber (Italian)
39The Focke Wulf Monoplane (German)
40The Three-engine Junkers Monoplane (German)
41The Koolhoven F.K.31 (Dutch)
42The Stout “Pulman” Monoplane (American)
43The “Kingston” Metal Hull Flying Boat
44The Hawker “Horsley”
45The Fiat G.R. Fighter (Italian)
46The Curtiss PW8 Pursuit Plane (American)
47The Dewoitine Commercial Monoplane (French)
48The Bristol “Fighter”
49The Boeing Pursuit Biplane (American)
50The Potez XV (French)


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