1957 Premiere Trading Cards, Airplanes (R724-1)
Oak Manufacturing Company, Culver City, California, USA

Series Title: Premiere Trading Cards, Airplanes
ACC No.: R724-1
Manufactured by: Oak Manufacturing Company, Culver City, California, USA
Distributed via: Retail Sales via Oak Vending Machines
Number of Cards: 42
Numbering: unnumbered
Card Dimensions: 2⅝ × 3¾ inches
Circa: 1957
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During the 1950s, a series of “Aircraft Recognition Cards” sets were issued by Carnation Corn Flakes, Hood Country Peach Ice Cream, 3-Minute Oats, Whitman Publishing and the Oak Manufacturing Company with their “Premiere Trading Cards, Airplanes ” 42 card set. All of the card sets shared the same color photo/artwork. The Carnation Corn Flakes, Hood Country Peach Ice Cream and the 3-Minute Oats sets were borderless PLC designs with rounded corners. The Whitman sets were also borderless, but had square corners. However, the “Premiere Trading Cards, Airplanes” set was of a conventional trading card design with square corners and substantial borders around the airplane photo image. The backs of the cards all had simplistic three-view drawings of the subject aircraft, along with a brief narrative about the aircraft.

The major drawback of the “Premiere Trading Cards, Airplanes” set was that the quality of the photos was very poor when compared with the more colorful and interesting gum cards of the period. The reverse side of the cards also carried the following statement: “Premiere trading cards are made for use in vending machines manufactured exclusively by the Oak Manufacturing Co., Inc., Culver City, California.” This statement led to the speculation that the cards were strictly a regional issue. However, it is more likely that they were sold wherever Oak Vending Machines were in use … which was all across the country. The cards measure 2⅝ × 3¾ inches. The American Card Catalog reference number for the set is R724-1.

Typical R724-1 “Premiere Trading Cards, Airplanes ” Card Front

Typical R724-1 “Premiere Trading Cards, Airplanes ” Card Back

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“Premiere Trading Cards, Airplanes”
R724-1 Checklist
XCard Title
Bell 47-D Helicopter
Bell X-1
Boeing B-29 Superfortress
Boeing B-47
Boeing B-50 Superfortress
Boeing C-97A Stratofreighter
Boeing Stratocruiser
Chance Vought F7U-1 Cutlass
Convair B-36 Bomber
Convair Liner
Convair Turboliner
Convair XB-46 Bomber
Convair XF-81 Escort Fighter
Convair XF-92
Douglas AD Skyraider
Douglas C-124
Douglas D-558 Skystreak
Douglas D-558-2
Douglas Super DC-3
Douglas DC-6A Liftmaster
Grumman Albatross
Grumman F9F-2 Panther
Lockheed Constellation
Lockheed Constitution
Lockheed F-90 Penetration Fighter
Lockheed F-94A All Weather Interceptor
Lockheed P2V Neptune
Lockheed T-33
Martin 404 Transport
Martin AM-1 Mauler
Martin Caroline Mars
Martin P4M-1 Mercator
Martin XB-51
North American AJ-1 Attack Bomber
North American B-45 Tornado Jet Bomber
North American F-86 Sabre
North American T-28 Advanced Trainer
Northrop F-89
Northrop X-4
Northrop YRB-49
Republic F-84F Thunderjet
Ryan Navion 205


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