1940 “Aeroplane Series” (UO1)
Tide Water Associated Oil Company (Tydol), New York City, New York, United States

Series Title: Aeroplane Series
American Card Catalog No.: UO1
Manufactured by: Tide Water Associated Oil Company (Tydol)
Country: New York City, New York, United States
Number of Cards: 40
Card Dimensions: 27/16 × 4 inches (approximate)
Circa: 1940
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Series Background

The Tydol UO1 “Aeroplane Series” is an interesting series of 40 airplane cards that were issued by the Tide Water Associated Oil Company (Tydol) and were distributed by Tydol Flying “A” Gasoline and Veedol Motor Oil Dealers to their customers. There is no copyright date on the cards. However, the color artwork on the cards was featured in Whitman’s 1940 “War Planes” by John B. Walker.

The cards themselves used an inferior grade of card-stock that easily soiled and was subject to flaking. The cards also seem to suffer from deficiencies in format and poor cropping of the actual photographs. As a side note, some of the same artwork was used in several of the R112 “CARD-O” series. Despite the various flaws of the series, the Tydol UO1 “Aeroplane Series” has become very popular among airplane card collectors. This is due to the fact the airplane photographs are unusual, and the cards themselves are difficult to find in the higher card grades.

The card dimensions are 27/16 × 4 inches, and are printed on a heavy light-tan card stock. The front of the card features the color artwork of the aircraft surrounded by a thick border. The caption under the artwork notes the country of origin, the manufacturer, and the aircraft designation. The reverse side of the card contains the card number, a brief narrative about the aircraft, and the following caption at the bottom of the card. The American Card Catalog reference number for this series is UO1.

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1940 “Aeroplane Series”
Tide Water Associated Oil Company (Tydol)
1Vickers Wellington III
2Messerschmitt BF 109R
3Dewoitine D.500
5Marinens Flyvebat-Fabrikk M.F.11
6Brewster F2A1
7Focke-Wulf Stieglitz
8Breda 65
9Grumman F4F-3
10Bell “Airacuda”
11I.A.R. 15
12Northrup 8A-1
13Armstrong-Whitworth Whitley
14Muniz M-7
15Renard R.36
16Boeing XB 15
17Curtiss XP42
20Savoia-Marchetti SM.79
21Vultee VII GB
22Karigane 96
23Rogojarsky SIM XIV-H
24Potez 63
25Dornier DO 24
26Miles Master
27Consolidated XPB2Y-1
28Lockheed XP-38
29Koolhoven F.K.58
30Curtiss-Hawk III
31Fiat BR-20
32Z.K.B. 26
33Fairey Battle
34Seversky P-35
35Curtiss-Hawk IV
36Junkers JU 86K
38Fiat G-50
39Supermarine Spitfire
40Vultee V-12A


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