1935 Aeroplanes (Civil) (P72-151A)
John Player & Sons, Player’s Cigarettes, Nottingham, England

Series Title: Aeroplanes (Civil)
World Trade Issues Index: P72-151A
Issued by: John Player & Sons
Packaged with: Player’s Cigarettes
Country of origin: Nottingham, England
Year issued: 1935
Type of card: Tobacco insert card
Number of Cards: 50
Numbering: 1 to 50 on reverse side
Card Dimensions: 68.1 × 35.6 mm
Album: An Album of Aeroplanes (Civil)
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During 1935, the Aeroplanes (Civil) set of 50 cigarette airplane trade cards was issued by John Player & Sons, Nottingham, England. The cards were packaged with Player’s Cigarettes.

The 50 landscaped card-front color art-work images feature a mixture of civil aircraft of the 1930s. Aircraft from the United Kingdom, France, America, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Ireland and Italy are included. The color artwork is surrounded by a thin black borderline and a white margin. The cigarette brand name Player’s Cigarettes is included within the image.

The portrait backs include card titles, descriptive text, and advertising. The card dimensions are 68.1 × 35.6 mm.

This 50-card set of airplane cards was very popular during the 1930s. Several identical 50-card sets, with customized card-backs were also issued by other cigarette brands in Ireland, South Africa, and other UK based companies.

An attractive album titled An Album of Aeroplanes (Civil) was designed to include all 50 cards with descriptive captions. The album (shown below) could be purchased from the local tobacconist for only one penny. A typical card front and card back are shown below.


The following images shown the complete 50-card set of 1935 Aeroplanes (Civil) airplane tobacco cards issued by John Player & Sons. Behind each thumbnail is a computer enhanced image.

Series Album

During 1935, John Player & Sons issued a specially designed 20-page album titled An Album of Aeroplanes (Civil) to house all 50-cards in the set. The album reference number is 9590 and is located on the lower-right-hand corner of the back cover. Presented in a stapled portrait booklet format, the album dimensions are approximately 5 × 7.28 inches. As noted earlier, the backs of the cards were coated with an adhesive which allowed them to be easily attached to the album. The album included an Introduction page discussing aviation achievements of the era plus 17-card/descriptive notes pages. The majority of the card pages had spaces for 3-cards plus the descriptive notes that appeared on the back of the cards. Thumbnail images of all 20 album pages are shown below. Behind each thumbnail image is a computer enhanced image. We have also included a PDF file of the album.


1935 Aeroplanes (Civil)
John Player & Sons, Nottingham, England
xCard Title
1Airspeed Courier (Great Britain)
2Airspeed Envoy (Great Britain)
3Armstrong Whitworth Argosy (Great Britain)
4Armstrong Whitworth XV (Great Britain)
5Avro Commodore (Great Britain)
6Avro 642 (Great Britain)
7Cierva Autogiro C.30.P (Great Britain)
8Comper Swift (Great Britain)
9De Havilland Comet (Great Britain)
10De Havilland Express Air Liner (Great Britain)
11De Havilland Dragon-Six (Great Britain)
12De Havilland Moth-Major (Great Britain)
13De Havilland Leopard Moth (Great Britain)
14Handley Page (Great Britain)
15British Klemm Eagle (Great Britain)
16Miles Hawk Major (Great Britain)
17Monospar S.T.10 (Great Britain)
18Percival Gull (Great Britain)
19Saro Cloud (Great Britain)
20Short Scion (Great Britain)
21Short Syrinx (Great Britain)
22Spartan Cruiser (Great Britain)
23Westland Wessex (Great Britain)
24Breguet 280T Air Liner (France)
25Caudron Monoplane (France)
26Dewoitine D-332 Air Liner (France)
27Farman F-430 Cabin Monoplane (France)
28Wibault Air Liner (France)
29Aeronca Monoplane (USA)
30Beechcraft Cabin Biplane (USA)
31Bellanca Racer (USA)
32Douglas DC-2 Transport (USA)
33Ford Air Liner (USA)
34Gee Bee Super Sportster (USA)
35Lambert Monocoupe (USA)
36Lockheed Vega (USA)
37Northrop Monoplane (USA)
38Sikorsky Amphibian (USA)
39Waco UIC Cabin Biplane (USA)
40Dornier DO X (Germany)
41Dornier Wal (Germany)
42Heinkel H.E.70A (Germany)
43Junkers G.38 (Germany)
44Junkers Ju 52/3m (Germany)
45Klemm L25 (Germany)
46Savoia-Marchetti S.66 (Italy)
47Savoia-Marchetti S.71 (Italy)
48Fokker F.XVIII (Holland)
49Pander EG 100 Biplane (Holland)
50Orta-Saint-Hubert Monoplane (Belgium)
AlbumAn Album of Aeroplanes (Civil) (No. 9590)


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