1940 Aviation Chewing Gum & Aviation Series (V401)
World Wide Gum, Montréal, Québec, Canada

Series Title: Aviation Chewing Gum/Aviation Series
Issued by: World Wide Gum
Country of Origin: Montréal, Québec, Canada
American Card Catalog Number: V401
Number of Cards: 210 (generic)
Card Dimensions: 3.25 × 2.62 in. (82.6 × 66.6 mm)
Circa: 1940
Checklist: Download


During the early years of World War II, the World Wide Gum Company, Montréal, Québec, Canada (a.k.a. Goudey Gum Canada) issued the following wartime series of trading cards: (1) Aviation Chewing Gum (V401-1), (2) Aviation Series (V401-2), (3) Marine Bubble Gum (V403-1), (4) Marine Series (V403-2), (5) Victory Bubble Gum (V406-1), and Victory Series (V406-2). All of theses sets featured military photos plus descriptive text in both English and French.

The initial Aviation Chewing Gum (V401) series was subsequently complemented with a series of 10 premium issue cards. These 10 cards were known as the "Aviation Gum Premiums," and are listed in the American Card Catalog as reference number V402. The cards feature brown sepia images of 10 different World War II British combat aircraft. The cards are numbered 1 to 10. Later, the "Big Three Series Premiums" of 10 cards became and extension of the series, and these blue sepia cards were numbered 11 through 20. This series contains one tank, one Canadian built Corvette, and eight aircraft.

V401 — Aviation Chewing Gum & Aviation Series

The World War II Aviation Chewing Gum and Aviation Series card set were issued by World Wide Gum, the Canadian subsidiary the Goudey Gum Company, and featured 210 Allied aircraft. The mix of aircraft photos included aircraft made in or operated by the following countries: United States (98), Great Britain (80), Free French (9), Egypt (1), Australia (2), Netherlands (1), Royal Canadian Air Force (17), Turkey (1), and India (1). The red sepia aircraft photos are predominantly presented in a landscaped format with the descriptive text, both in English and French, presented directly below the aircraft photo. The Aviation Series appears to be the rarer of the two sets. As far as we currently know, the checklists and cards in both sets are identical with the exception of series titles, AVIATION CHEWING GUM vs AVIATION SERIES. The backs of the cards are blank, and measure 3.25" × 2.62 inches. The American Card Catalog reference number is V401.

Armed to the Teeth!

Keep in mind, that when this set was issued, the Battle of Britain was fresh in mind, the Allies were pretty much on the ropes, and the potential of losing World War II to Nazi Germany was very real. What to do? Let’s arm every aircraft to the teeth and show the dreaded Nazis that the Allies were a force to be reckoned with! So, when looking at the photos, note that nearly all of the aircraft are heavily armed. In fact, there are numerous guns protruding out of windshields, firing both forward and aft (with only a pilot). A few examples include: #32 - the Douglas DC-5 with a MG (machine gun) through the cockpit windscreen; #35 - the Boeing “Strato-Clipper” with a MG through the windscreen; #96 - the Monospar Ambulance with two MGs protruding out of the windscreen; and #105 — the single-seat Grumman XF5F-1 with two MGs firing from the cockpit, one-forward & one-aft.

Open Fire! - Second Printing

At some point, someone at World Wide Gum decided that the armed aircraft featured in the set were not firing as many rounds at the enemy as they should. So, aircraft previously shown not firing their guns, were touched up to show their guns blazing away at the enemy. At this point in history, we do not know how many cards were altered to show the guns firing. Therefore, the image guide presented below is referred to a generic set with guns both not firing and firing.


The following V401 “Aviation Chewing Gum” series Image-Guide is shown as a mix of both printings of the series.


Aviation “Chewing Gum” V401a and Aviation “Series” V401b Checklist
No.V401aV401bCard Title
1Bristol Bolingbroke
2U.S. Navy Blimp J-4
3Curtiss P-40 Pursuit Plane.
4United States Navy Monoplane Scouting Bomber
5United States Navy Scouting Bomber
6Vickers Wellington
7Noorduyn Norseman.
8Lockheed Hudson Bomber
9Hawker Hurricane
10Supermarine Spitfire
11Hawker Henley
12Blackburn Skuas
13Bristol Blenheim
14Bombay Troop Transport
16Boulton Paul Defiant
17Fairy Battle
18Gloster Gladiator
19Handley-Page Hampden
20Bristol Beaufort
21Miles Master
22Westland Lysander
23Vickers Victoria
24Airspeed Oxford
25Martin Number 166
26Douglas B-18
27Gloster single seater pursuit plane
28Boeing Flying Fortress
29Hawker Fury
30Vickers Wellesley
31Yale intermediate training plane
32Douglas DC-5
33Curtiss dive bomber
34Latecoere 298
35Strato-Clipper Flying Cloud
36Airspeed Envoy
37A.W. Whitley
38Blackburn Shark
39Boulton Paul Overstrand
40Fairey Hendon
41Fairey P.4/34
42Vickers Wellington
43Bellanca bomber
44Boeing 281
45Consolidated P3Y-1
46Northrop 2.m
47Northrop 8.A
48Northrop X.B.T.-2
49Seversky Convoy
50Vought V-143
51Vought Corsair
52Vultee V-11
53Waco Model D
54Amiot 144
55Brequet 462-B
56DeWoitine single-seater fighter
57D.H. Don
58Fairey Swordfish
59British Saro London
60Martin 139-W
61Avro Anson
62Blackburn Perth
63Fairey Fox
64Handley Page Harrow
65Hawker Audax
66Hawker Hart
67Miles Magister
68Supermarine Seagull V (Walrus)
69Bell V.F.M.-1
70Miles R. R. Trainer
71Curtiss Hawk III
72Consolidated A-11 (Need 60-dpi Scan)
73Saro Cloud
74North American BT-9
75Short Caledonia
76North American NA-16
77Northrop A-17
78Short Singapore III
79Stearman 76
80Caudron C-670
81Supermarine Stranraer
82Lockheed Electra 10E
83Vickers Venom
84DeHaviland Tiger Moth
85Curtiss A-12 Shrike
86Stearman S-76
87Short-Mayo Composite Aircraft “Mercury” and “Maia”
88Farman F.222
89Supermarine Spitfire
90Multiple Aircraft Gun firing from the Vickers Wellington
91Sikorsky S-43
92A.W. Ensign
93Bristol No. 138-A
94D.H. No. 86
95Miles Peregrine
96Monospar Ambulance
97Stearman-Hammond Y
100Martin Submarine biplane
101Bristol Blenheim bombers
102Bell Airacobra (P.39)
103Republic Guardsman
104Martin PBM-1
105Grumman XF5F-1
107Hereford I
108D.H. Albatross
109Loiré-et-Olivier H-46
110Brewster Buffalo
111Curtiss Helldiver
112Consolidated No. 28
113Fairey Fulmar
114States Grumman two-seater fighter biplane
115United States new type plane
116Fairy Swordfish
117Sikorsky amphibian, the Flying Dreadnought
118Consolidated B-24
119Sunderland Flying Boat
120Avro 652
121Bristol 142
122Curtiss Y1A-18
123Douglas Pengana (meaning Hawk)
124Boeing YB-17
125Turkish air liner, made by De Haviland
126Waco C
127Patrol Boat
128Boeing Clipper
129D.H. Dragon-Rapide
130Douglas DC-4
131Hanrive 510
132Lockheed XC-35
133Fairey F C
134Stearman Trainer
135Dewoitine D-338
136Fairchild PT-19
137Curtiss SOC-4
138Douglas O-38
139Grumman Midwing
140Douglas B-18A
141Grumman JF-2
142Piper Cruiser
143Curtiss P-36
144Lockheed Lodestar
145Luscombe Silvaire
146Wright Sikorsky United States Navy seaplane
147Monocoupe Wild-Cat
148Vought SB20-1 (sic, SB2O-1)
149Douglas TBD-1
150Douglas DB-7-A
151Northrop Delta
152North American Harvard
153Fleet Finch
154Fleet 60
155Bristol Bolingbroke
156Cub Cruiser
157Avro Anson
158DeHaviland Tiger Moth
159Westland Lysander
160Supermarine Stranraer
161Handley-Page Hampden
162Hawker Hurricane
163Blackburn Shark
164North American Yale
165Noorduyn Norseman
166Gregor FDB-1
167D.H. Dragon-Rapide
168Grumman Fighter
169Blackburn Roc
170Spartan Executive
171Percival Mew Gull
172Foster Wickner Wicko
175Bellanca Aircruiser
176Cessna C.37
177Bristol Beaufort bombers
178United States Autogiro
179Curtiss XSOC-3
180Bristol Blenheims
181Vought SB2U
182Consolidated PB27
183Blackburn Botha
184Cessna T-50
185Northrup (sic) N-3
186Lockheed Hudson
187North American Mustang
188Saunders-Roe Lerwick
189Wackett Trainer
190Curtiss SBC
191Fleetwing XBT
192Martin Maryland
193Vought-Sikorsky F4U
194Bristol Blenheim Mk.IV
195Cessna AT-A
196Martin B-26
197Northrup (sic) N-3PB
198Supermarine Spitfire III
199Wall Tim Aero-Craft
200Boeing B-17C
201Consolidated PBY
202Curtiss Hawk
203Grumman JRF
204Bell Airacuda
205Republic Lancer
206Lockheed P-38
207Curtiss-Wright No. 21-B
208Vultee Vanguard P-48
209Martin No. 167
210Vought-Sikorsky OS2U


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