1930s American G-Men, Type 1 (R13-1)
W.S. Corporation of New York City, New York, USA

Series Title: America G-Men, Type 1
American Card Catalog No.: R13-1
Manufactured by: W.S. Corporation, New York City, New York, USA
Country: United States
Number of Cards: 48 cards numbered from 101 to 148
Card Dimensions: 2 5⁄16 × 2 3⁄4 inches
Circa: 1930s
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The American G-Men,Series 1 (R13-1), is the first of two different American G-Men trading card sets. The 48 landscape (horizontally aligned) cards of this series are consequently numbered from 101 to 148. The set title is located in a white badge design on the front of each card with the words City - State - Nation printed beneath the G-Men title. The multi-color artwork cards were originally issued in strips, but are rarely found in strips today. The reverse side of the card also contains the card number. Each card also contains a panel at the top of the image with a slogan, such as Crime Does Not Pay or Safety First.

The text on the reverse side of the card is very long for a trading card. The text claims to be actual stories of bandits and cops … from the records of the Crime Detection Department of the City, State, and Nation. The manufacturer of the set, W.S. Corporation, is not noted on the cards. The American Card Catalog reference number is R13-1.

Typical R13-1 Card Front

Typical R13-1 Card Back


The following American G-Men - Type 1 (R13-1) Image-Guide shows computer enhanced images of the fronts and backs of the 48 cards in the R13-1 set. Behind each thumbnail image is a 600-dpi computer enhanced card image that you may access.

Strip 1 - Cards 101 to 108

Strip 2 - Cards 109 to 116

Strip 3 - Cards 117 to 124

Strip 4 - Cards 125 to 132

Strip 5 - Cards 126 to 140

Strip 6 - Cards 141 to 148

Magic Picture Book American G-Men

Recently, during the upgrade of this R13-1 page, we ran across an album cover in our archive for the R13-1 American G-Men 48-card set. The title for the album is Magic Picture Book American G-Men. We’re not exactly sure whether or not it was a booklet or an album that you actually put cards into. However, it clearly shows that the set was issued by the W.S. Corporation of New York City, New York, which means that the R13-1 48-card set is no longer and anonymous set! The cover also shows that the it was printed in Japan, not New York City. The details of the album/booklet are unknown to us, i.e. size, number of pages, etc. So, all of you who collect this set now know who it was issued by. At this point that’s all the information we have about the album. If anyone can provide additional details, we would certainly appreciate your inputs.


W.S. American G-Men - Type 1 (R13-1)
xCard Title
102Conterfeiters (table)
104Slot Machine Racketeers
105River Thieves
106Dope Peddlers
107Diamond Smugglers
109Roof Thieves
110Deserted Shack
111Stolen Cars
114Hold-Up Men
115Sneak Thieves
116Petty Crooks
119River Thieves
120Chinatown Charlie
122Burglars (window)
123Pants Thieves
125Street Crossing
126Saved in Fire
127First Aid
129Too Late
133Bank Robbers
137Counterfeiters (door)
138Mail Robbers
139Burglars (safe)
140Sneak Thieves
142Stolen Cars
143Crooked Gamblers
144Hold-Up Men
145Bank Robbers
148Hitch Hikers
AlbumMagic Picture Book American G-Men


  1. John A. Shupek: Card images via the Skytamer Archive Digital Image Database.

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