1942 America’s Defenders (R190)
G. G. Milkes Company, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Series Title: America’s Defenders
American Card Catalog No.: R190
Manufactured by: G. G. Milkes Company, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Country: United States
Packaged With: America’s Defenders Candy
Number of Cards: 6 × Candy boxes
Numbering: unnumbered
Card Dimensions (Irregular): 2½ × 4½ (box); 3⅓ × (artwork) inches
Circa: 1942
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During World War II, the G. G. Milkes Company issued a series of six colorful candy boxes that featured wartime heroes and military equipment. The government obviously recognized the propaganda value of this set and waived the wartime materials restriction limitations and allowed Milkes to produce the set. These are not your standard run-of-the-mill candy boxes. The artwork was approximately 3½ × 9 inches and was free-standing as long as the rest of the 2½ × 4½ inches candy box was intact.

The candy box held approximately one ounce of Molasses Kisses and also pictured a complete set of America’s Defenders on the "advertising side opposite the artwork. The American Card Catalog reference number for the set is R190.

General Douglas MacArthur


Army Truck

Boeing B-17

Capt. Colin Kelly

Curtiss P-40

General Douglas MacArthur

Machine Gunner


  1. John A. Shupek: Card images via the The Skytamer Archive Digital Image Database.

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