Card-O “Aircraft Recognition Cards” (R112-9)
Leaf Gum Company, United States

  • Series Title: Aircraft Recognition Cards (Card-O)
  • ACC No.: R112-9
  • Manufactured by: Leaf Gum Company, Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • Packaged With: unknown
  • Number of Cards: 9
  • Numbering: unnumbered
  • Card Dimensions: 2¼ × 3½ inches with rounded corners (Playing Card Format)
  • Circa: World War II
  • Checklist: Download

“Aircraft Recognition Cards” (R112-9)

This small set of nine (9) Card-O “Aircraft Recognition Cards” (R112-9) may have originally been issued as part of the Card-O “Mixed Series” (R112-12) set. However, this speculation has never been confirmed and the set's origin appears be lost in history. All nine of the cards are of the standard PLC format with rounded corners. The artwork on the fronts of the cards are presented in a portrait format, and feature a 3-view drawings of the subject aircraft showing front, bottom, and side views. A title line appears below the side-view drawing and denotes the manufacturer, designation, nickname and type of aircraft. The reverse side includes the card's title plus a descriptive text of the subject aircraft. We currently have no information of the packaging scheme (i.e. wrappers, retail display boxes, etc.) for the series. The American Card Catalog reference number for the series is R112-9.

Image Guide 1,2,3

Images of the fronts and Backs of all nine cards are presented below. It's interesting to note that one of the cards, the “B-25 Mitchell” card, has a mismatch between the front and Back card titles. The incorrect title on the front of the card is “Consolidated B-25 Mitchell” while the proper title on the reverse side of the card is “North American B-25 Mitchell.” We do not know whether or not this card was corrected and reissued.


We have included two versions of checklist: (1) the web version shown below, and (2) an Adobe® Acrobat® PDF 8½ × 11 inch format checklist.

“Aircraft Recognition Cards” (R112-9)
Leaf Gum Company, Card-O Series
N/AXCard Front TitleCard Back Title
1Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress, Heavy BomberBoeing B-17 Flying Fortress • U.S.A.
2Curtiss SBC-4 Cleveland, Scout BomberCurtiss SBC-4 Cleveland • U.S.A.
3De Havilland Mosquito, Light BomberDe Havilland Mosquito • British
4Douglas A-20-A Havoc, Attack BomberDouglas A-20A Havoc • U.S.A.
5Grumman F4F-1 Wildcat, Navy FighterGrumman F4F-1 Wildcat • U.S.A.
6Lockheed P-38 Lightning, PursuitLockheed P-38 Lightning • U.S.A.
7Martin PBM-1 Mariner, Patrol BomberMartin PBM-1 Mariner • U.S.A.
8Consolidated B-25, Medium Bomber (error)North American B-25 Mitchell • U.S.A.
9Supermarine Spitfire, Single Seat FighterSupermarine Spitfire • British

Special Thanks

A very special thanks to Albert B. Kramer¹, President of Roll-EZ Wheels, Inc., and “Super Collector” the late Richard Dahlquist² of Holden, MA for helping with this collection.


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  2. Dahlquist, Richard. Personal correspondence and numerous emails
  3. Shupek, John A., Card images via the Skytamer Archive

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