1940s Airplanes (R10)
Cameron Sales, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Series Title: Airplanes
American Card Catalog No.: R10
Manufactured by: Cameron Sales, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Country: United States
Number of Cards: 30
Card Dimensions: 2⅛ × 3⅝ inches
Circa: 1940s
Checklist: Download

Background [1,2,3]

During World War II, Cameron Sales of Chicago, Illinois, issued a series of 30 Airplanes" trading cards. The fronts of these R10 Airplanes trading cards featured a color-enhanced photo of a World War II aircraft in flight. The name of the aircraft was centered in a white border beneath the photo. The backs of the cards featured two Squadron Insignia on a shell-white cardstock. Both sides of these unnumbered cards had glossy surfaces.

There is absolutely nothing printed on the card which gives a clue to the manufacturer’s identity. Luckily, the basic design of the cards were repeated in another series by Cameron Sales … R169, which established the identity of the set’s manufacturer.

It’s also interesting to note that these cards were often found in a clean and excellent condition, without any product stains. Most collectors therefore believed that they were not associated with the confectionery trade. This mystery was solved when a partial wrapper for Cameron’s 1¢ Plane Penny Roll Picture Series was discovered which linked individual cards to Cameron Sales products. The wrapper also indicated that complete sets of the cards were available via the mail for 25¢. The dimensions of the cards are 2⅛ × 3⅝ inches. The American Card Catalog reference number is R10.

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1940s R10 Airplanes (Checklist)
 Aircraft TitleInsignia Titles
Bell P393rd and 6th Fighter
Boeing Flying Fortress B17E72nd and 73rd Bombardment
Consolidated B2452nd and 53rd Bombardment
Consolidated PBY5A14th and 15th Bombardment
Corsair F4U41st and 43rd Bombardment
Curtiss Helldiver44th and 50th Fighter
Curtiss P40F24th and 22nd Fighter
Douglas A206th and 48th Bombardment
Douglas C5394th and 95th Bombardment
Douglas Dauntless Dive Bomber87th and 93rd Bombardment
Douglas Dauntless Scout Bomber54th and 55th Bombardment
Douglas Devastator Torpedo Bomber9th and 10th Bombardment
Grumman Amphibian Utility Plane77th and 79th Bombardment
Grumman Avenger Torpedo Bomber54th and 57th Bombardment
Grumman Hellcat F6F49th and 50th Bombardment
Grumman Wildcat1st and 33rd Bombardment
Kingfisher Observation Scout Plane9th and 41st Troop Carrier
Lockheed P38305th and 309th Bombardment
Lockheed Twin Engined Patrol Bomber96th and 99th Bombardment
Lockheed Ventura Bomber61st and 63rd Bombardment
Martin B2682nd and 84th Bombardment
Mars Navy Flying Boat Service and Cargo4th and 6th Troop Carrier
Martin Mariner Bomber13th and 17th Fighter
Naval Air Transport’s Giant R4D Plane1st and 2nd Observation
Navy’s Coronado&edquo; Flying Boat PB2Y25th and 7th Bombardment
Navy’s Martin Marauder34th and 37th Bombardment
North American B2525th and 29th Bombardment
North American P5133rd and 38th Fighter
Vought Sikorsky Vindicator (Scout Bomber)2nd and 4th Bombardment
Vultee A3144th and 45th Bombardment
1¢ Wrapper - Plane Penny Roll Pictures Series


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