Welcome to Skytamer Images

Welcome to Skytamer Images
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The Skytamer Archive

Welcome to Skytamer Images, its website, and the “Skytamer Archive”. This website was started in 1998 by retired Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineer John Shupek. John’s Aerospace career spanned 36 years. Most of John’s career was spent in the “Black World” (aka secret projects). Some of the programs that John worked on were Pratt & Whitney’s JTF11D-20/22 jet engines for Lockheed’s SR-71A “Blackbird”, Pratt & Whitney's JTF-17A SST (Supersonic Transport) engine, NASA”s HRE (Hypersonic Ramjet Engine), the DoE”s Gas Centrifuge Enrichment Program, Northrop”s YF-23A “Black Widow II” ATF (Advanced Tactical Fighter), Northrop Grumman’s B-2A “Spirit” stealth bomber, and the Boeing/Northrop F/A-18E/F “Super Hornet”.

Over the years, John acquired thousands of original aircraft photos that he acquired or photographed at museums, airshows, airports, military bases, etc. These photos are included on the website and are accompanied by descriptive text, history, performance data, and specifications for each of the aircraft photos.

In addition to John’s aviation photos, John started collecting aviation trade cards in 2002 to include in the website as snapshots into aviation history. Subsequently, John has amassed the world's largest online collection of aviation related trade cards. Complete sets of these aviation trade cards are highlighted on the website along with high-resolution scans of both the fronts and backs of the individual cards, along with the set’s history, and its checklist.

The “Skytamer Archive” is divided three main categories, with sub-categories for each section. The categories include:


  • Aircraft Photos, including the history, performance, and specification data each of the aircraft.
  • Original aircraft 3-view drawings created by Skytamer images.
  • Aviation related venue visits, including high-resolution photos, and in some cases YouTube videos.
  • Aviation databases, including both civil and military aircraft registrations.

Aviation & Non-Sports Trade Cards

  • Aviation related cigarette and non-sports aviation card sets.
  • Vintage non-sports card sets.
  • YouTube videos of selected card sets.

Skytamer’s World

  • High-resolution world travel photos.
  • YouTube videos of selected travel sites.

Best wishes, keep safe, and enjoy the website.

John Shupek
John Shupek

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