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The Skytamer Images ( website was started in 1998 by retired Aerospace Engineer John Shupek. John’s Aerospace career spanned 36 years.

Over the years, John took thousands of photos at Museums, Airshows, Gate Guards, Airports, VFW Monuments, Military Bases, etc. These photos are included in the Airplane Photos/Specs section of the Skytamer website. In many cases they are accompanied by descriptive text, history, performance data, and specifications for most of the aircraft photos.

In addition to John’s airplane photos, John started re-collecting airplane trade cards in 2002. Period airplane trade cards are interesting snapshots into aviation history. Subsequently, John has amassed what is most likely the world’s largest online collection of aviation related trade cards. Complete sets of these aviation trade cards are highlighted on the website along with high-resolution scans of both the fronts and backs of the individual cards, along with the set’s checklist and history.


The Skytamer Archive contains thousands of high resolution airplane, travel, aircraft museum, aviation trade card photos, images and data. The Skytamer Archive images are a combination of:

Aircraft Photos/Specs

Trade Cards

Travel Adventures

Legacy Information


Best wishes, keep safe, and enjoy the website.

John Shupek

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