Packard LePeré to PZL Mielec
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Packard LePeré (Engineering Division/Packard) (United States of America) — The Engineering Division was a division of the Aviation Section, U.S. Signal Corps in the United States Department of War. It was formed on 31 August 1918, under the direction of Lt Col Jesse G. Vincent, to study and design American versions of foreign aircraft. It was later renamed Engineering Division, Air Service and then in 1926 Material Division Air Corps. It was based at McCook Field, and in October 1927 moved to Wright Field. The Engineering Division would eventually become the Aeronautical Systems Center. In June 1917 Commander Raynal Cawthorne Bolling lead a Bureau of Aircraft Production mission to France, investigating if it was possible to build British and French aircraft in the United States. The Engineering Division was set up to evaluate his proposals. It combined a number of existing division of the Air Service, including the Engineering Department and the Airplane Experimental Department. The first project it undertook was installing an American Liberty L-12 engine on the British de Havilland D.H.9 aircraft, redesignating it USD-9 and USD-9A. Other aircraft modified include the Bristol F.2B, redesignated XB-1. After World War I ended, designed aircraft such as the Boeing GA-1 and the Engineering Division VCP racing plane. In 1925, in order to promote private aircraft developments, the Engineering Division was restricted by General Mason Patrick and could no longer build experimental aircraft. In 1926 the United States Army Air Service was replaced with the United States Army Air Corps, and the Engineering Division became the Material Division, based at Wright Field. It was given the task of evaluating all projects submitted. This involved recommending technical improvements to manufacturers, drawing up contracts to be awarded, and testing prototype aircraft.


Percival Aircraft, Ltd. (United Kingdom)

Pfalz Flugzeugwerke GmbH (Germany)

  • Pfalz D.XII, World War I German single-engine single-seat biplane fighter

Piasecki Helicopter (United States of America)

Pietenpol, Bernie H. (United States of America)

Pioneer “Rocket Plane (Spoof) (United States of America)

Piper Aircraft Corporation (Ted Smith Aircraft Company) (United States of America)

Piper Aircraft (Taylor Aircraft) (United States of America)

Piper Aircraft Company (United States of America)

Pitcairn Aviation, Inc. (United States of America)

Pitts Aviation Enterprises Inc. (United States of America)

Poberenzy, Paul (United States of America)

Porterfield Aircraft Corporation (United States of America)

Pratt & Whitney (United States of America)

PZL-Mielec (Poland)

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