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Waco (USA) — The Waco Aircraft Company (WACO) was an aircraft manufacturer located in Troy, Ohio, USA. Between 1919 and 1947, the company produced a wide range of civilian biplanes. The company initially started under the name Weaver Aircraft Company of Ohio but changed its name to the Waco Aircraft Company in 1928/1929. WACO (referring to the aircraft) is usually pronounced “wah-co” (the first syllable pronounced as in “water”), not “way-co” like Waco, Texas, whose name is entirely unrelated. The name comes from a field near Troy, Ohio - Waco field, which in turn received its name from a local war-cry, which had several variations. Although an acronym, the company was universally referred to as “Waco”. Several companies operated under the “Waco” name, with the first company being the Weaver Aircraft Company, a firm founded by George E. Weaver, Clayton Bruckner, and Elwood Junkin in 1920 in Lorain and Medina, Ohio after they had already been collaborating for several years. In the spring of 1923 this became the Advance Aircraft Company in Troy, Ohio, after the departure of Weaver. At some point (when is not at all clear from the records but 1928 or 1929) it was changed from Advance Aircraft Company to Waco Aircraft Company. The firm is often confused with Western Aviation Company, the name of four unrelated aircraft enterprises in Chicago, Illinois; San Antonio, Texas; and Burbank, California.

Wainwright (USA) — Wayne Wainwright

Wallis (USA) — Stanley B. Wallis

Western Electric (USA) — Western Electric Company

Westland (UK) — Westland Aircraft Works (1915); Westland Aircraft Ltd. (1935); Westland Helicopters Ltd. (1966)

White (USA) — White

Williams (USA) — Williams Research; Williams International (1985)

Williams (USA) — Arthur L. Williams and Carl Cangie (1971)

Wills (USA) — Wills

Willys-Overland (USA) — Willys-Overland

Wing (USA) — Wing Aircraft Company (1968)

Wittman (USA) — Steve Wittman (1931)

Wolf (USA) — Donald S. Wolf

Wright (USA) — Wilbur and Orville Wright (1900); Wright & Company (1909); Wright-Martin Company (1916); Wright Aeronautical Corporation (1919)

WSK-Mielec (Poland) — Wytwórnia Sprzetu Komunikacyjnego-PZL Mielec (1948-1992)

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