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UAC (USA) — United Aircraft Corporation — The United Aircraft and Transport Corporation was formed in 1929, when William Boeing of the Boeing firms teamed up with Frederick Rentschler of Pratt & Whitney to form a large, amalgamated firm, uniting business interests in all aspects of aviation—a combination of aircraft engine and airframe manufacturer and airline business, to serve all aviation markets, both civil aviation (cargo, passenger, private, air mail) and military aviation. With headquarters at Hartford, Connecticut, the holding company controlled the stock of the Boeing Airplane Company of Seattle, the Chance Vought Corporation, the Hamilton Aero Manufacturing Company (a propeller manufacturer), and the Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Company, an aero-engine manufacturer. Sikorsky Aviation Corporation, the Stearman Aircraft Company of Wichita, Kansas, and the Standard Steel Propeller Company were added to United's portfolio shortly thereafter, followed by several more airlines brought into the fold. The airline interests were soon grouped under a new management company known as United Air Lines, Inc. However, the individual airlines (as well as the individual companies held by United) continued to operate under their own names. After the Air Mail scandal of 1934, the U.S. government concluded that such large holding companies as United Aircraft and Transport were anti-competitive, and new antitrust laws were passed forbidding airframe or engine manufacturers from having interests in airlines, and United Aircraft and Transport broke into three separate companies. Its manufacturing interests east of the Mississippi River (Pratt & Whitney, Sikorsky, Vought, and Hamilton Standard Propeller Company) were organized as the United Aircraft Corporation (now United Technologies Corporation). Boeing acquired the western manufacturing interests, while United Airlines became a separate company.

UAIK (Russia) — Ulyanovsk Aviation Industrial Complex; see Aviastar

UAT (UK) — United Aerospace Technologies Ltd. (1987)

UATC (USA) — United Aircraft & Transport Corporation; see United

UCC (USA) — United Consultant Corporation, Norwood, Massachusetts (1963)

Udet (Germany) — Ernst Udet; Udet-Flugzeugbau GmbH (1922)

UDRD (Philippines) — Universal Dynamics and Development, Makati, Manila (1988)

Uetz (Switzerland) — Walter Uetz Flugzeugbau, Speck, Zurich (1962)

UFAG (Austro-Hungary) — Ungarische Flugzeugwerke AG, Albertfalva, Budapest (1915)

Ufimtsev (Russia) — A.G. Ufimtsev (1910-1912)

UFM (USA) — Ultralight Flying Machines of Santa Clara, California (1979)

Ultimate (Canada) — Ultimate Aircraft Corporation, Guelph, Ontario (1990)

Ultimate-Aerobatics (Canada) — Ultimate-Aerobatics

Ultra-Flight (Canada) — Ultra-Flight Light Aircraft and Engineering Development, Sudbury, Ontario (1960)

Umbaugh (USA) — Raymond E. Umbaugh; Umbaugh Aircraft Corporation, Ocala, Florida (1957)

Umbra (Italy) — Aeronautica Umbra (1968)

Ungarische (Austro-Hungary) — see UFAG

Union (Germany) — Union Flugzeugwerke GmbH (1956)

United (USA) — United Aircraft & Transport Corporation (1928); United Aircraft (1934); United Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation (1935); United Technologies (1975)

United Aerospace (UK) — see UAT

United Aircraft (USA) — United Aircraft Engineering Corporation, New York City, New York (1919)

United Consultant — see UCC

United Eastern (USA) — Eastern School of Aviation, New York (1915)

United Helicopter (USA) — United Helicopter (1946)

United States (USA) — For Army, see Engineering Division; for Navy, see Naval Aircraft Factory

United States Aircraft (USA) — see USAC

United Technical Industries (USA) — United Technical Industries (1967)

Univair (USA) — Univair Aircraft Corporation, Colorado (1946)

Universal Dynamics (Philippines) — see UDRD

Universal Molded Products (USA) — successor to Monocoupe, Bristol, Virginia

Unruh (USA) — Colonel Marion D. Unruh, USAF (1957)

Upperçu-Burnelli (USA) — see Burnelli

Urdaneta (Columbia) — Urdaneta y Galvez Ltda, Bogotá (1955)

Urmston (UK) — Dr. J.H.B. Urmston (1958)

URMV-3 (Romania) — Aircraft Component Repair Factory 3 (1949-1959)

Ursinus (Germany) — Oskar Ursinus (1900)

USAC (USA) — United States Aircraft Corporation, Burbank, California

U.S. Naval Museum of Armament and Technology (USA) — China Lake, California

USPA (Siberia) — Ulan-Ude Aircraft Production Association (1991)

USS Midway (USA)) — “USS Midway” Museum, San Diego, California

UTVA (Jugoslavia) — UTVA Fabrika Aviona (1952); UTVA—Sour Metalne Industrije ro Fabrika Aviona (1983)

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