Waco “INF”
Single-engine two-seat biplane

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1930 Waco “INF” (NC644Y, s/n 3382), c.2003 on display at the Kalamazoo Aviation History Museum, Portage, Michigan (9/29/2003 photo © 2003 Skytamer Images by John Shupek)

Overview 2

The Waco F series was a range of American-built private pilot owner and training biplanes of the 1930s from the Waco Aircraft Company.

Development 2

The Waco "F" series of biplanes supplanted and then replaced the earlier Waco "O" series of 1927 to 1933. The Waco "F" series had an airframe which was smaller and about 450 lbs lighter than the Waco "O" series, while continuing to provide accommodation for three persons in tandem open cockpits. A similar performance to the earlier model was obtained on the power of smaller and more economical engines.

The initial models were the Waco INF with a 125-hp (93 kW) Kinner engine, the Waco KNF with a 100-hp (75 kW) Kinner engine, and the Waco RNF with a 110-hp (82 kW) Warner Scarab engine, all of which had externally braced tailwheel undercarriages. Many further sub-models followed with more powerful engines of up to 225-hp (168 kW).

Operational History 2

The Waco "F" series was popular with private owner pilots for sporting and other uses and continued in production through the late 1930s. The tandem cockpit Waco UPF-7 version was adopted by the Civilian Pilot Training Program and continued to be built in numbers (over 600) until 1942. The Waco YMF of 1934, which had a modified wider and longer fuselage, was returned to production in March 1986 by WACO Classic Aircraft of Lansing Michigan as the Waco YMF-5. Over 100 Waco YMF-5s have been completed by WACO Classic Aircraft and the type remains in low-rate production. Considerable numbers of Waco "F" series biplanes, both original and newly built, remained in service in mid-2009.

Variants (in approximate chronological order) 2

Note: from 1936 Waco added year suffixes to designations - e.g. YPF-6, YPF-7, with the numeral being the last figure of the year of manufacture

Specifications and Performance Data 3

Type: Wings: Fuselage: Tail Unit: Undercarriage: Power Plant: Accommodation: Dimensions: Weights: Performance (Model UPF) Performance (Model YPF) Performance (Model LPF)

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