Zlin Z-526 “Trener-Master”
Single-engine, two-seat basic trainer

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1966 ZLIN Z-526 (N526MG, s/n 1012) c.2009 on display at the 2009 Cable Air Show, Cable Airport, Oakland, California (John Shupek photos)

Overview 2

History 2

The Z-526 was originally designed by Zlin Aircraft in 1959. Its two seat version is called the Trener-Master. The Zlin Z-526's layout was organized with pilot in the rear, and student in front. The aircraft could also be equipped with tip tanks and a constant speed propeller. The Zlin Z-526F was introduced in 1968 and was equipped with a 135 kW (180-hp) Avia M 137A engine, the export version Zlin Z-526L differed in being equipped with a 150 kW (200-hp) Lycoming AEIO-360 flat four. Single seat versions included the Zlin Z-526A, Zlin Z-526AS, and the Zlin Z-526AFS.

The Zlin Z-526 AFM was built between 1981 and 1984 and was powered by a 155 kW (210-hp) Avia M337 engine, had tip tanks and a lengthened fuselage. The aircraft was later developed into the Zlin Z-726. More than 1,400 Zlin Z-526s were manufactured, many for military and private flying schools.

Variants 2

Specifications and Performance Data (Zlin Z-526 Trener-Master) 3

Built in the Moravan works at Otrokovice, the Zlin Z-526 is a modification of the Zlin Z-326. Major items in the modification were the fitting of a V 503 constant-speed propeller and transfer of the main pilot's position to the rear of the cockpit. The first prototype Zlin Z-526 flew in 1966 and production deliveries began shortly afterwards. Use of the V 503 propeller permitted full use of the available engine power, particularly during vertical climb, to decrease the entry speed for individual maneuvers and to increase the overall maneuverability of the aircraft. As of 1968, a total of more than 1,400 aircraft of the Zlin Z-26, Zlin Z-126, Zlin Z-226, Zlin Z-326, and Zlin Z-526 series had been built at Otrokovice since 1947 and were operating in 34 countries. Sporting successes of the Zlin included first place in the First, Second and Third World Aerobatic Championships in 1960, 1962 and 1964, and first place in the Lockheed Trophy aerobatic competition in Britain in 1957, 1958, 1961, 1963, 1964 and 1965.




Tail Unit

Landing Gear

Power Plant


Dimensions (external)



Performance (at max normal T-O weight)

Zlin Z-526 "Akrobat" 3

This is a single-seat version of the Zlin Z-526 for specialized aerobatic use. The general description and specification data of the two versions are similar, except for the following weight data:



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