Republic P-47N Thunderbolt
World War II single-engine single-seat fighter-bomber

Archive Photos 1

Republic P-47N Thunderbolt (c/n 499-6808) on display 7/2/2006 at the Beijing Aviation Museum, Beijing, China (Photos by John Shupek)

Overview 2

The specification to which the Republic P-47 Thunderbolt was designed was drawn up at Wright Field in June, 1940. The original Republic XP-47 design was for a lightweight interceptor fighter fitted with an Alison V-1710 liquid-cooled engine and an armament of one 50 cal. and one 30 cal. guns and provision for two additional 30 cal. wing guns. This was not preceded with.

The first experimental prototype of the Thunderbolt as it is known today was the XP-47B, which was flown from Farmingdale to Mitchell Field on 6 May 1941. Production got underway in the following November. The first production P-47B was delivered on 18 March 1942.

Republic P-47 Thunderbolts began to arrive in Britain in November 1942, and the first operational mission with the 8th Air Force was made on 8 April 1943. The first mission with auxiliary fuel tanks took place in July and during the last few weeks of 1943 the first fighter-bomber missions with two 500 lb bombs were made. The first pairs of 1,000 lb bombs were carried by the Republic P-47 Thunderbolts in Italy early in 1944.

The Thunderbolt, in addition to being a standard fighter in the U.S. Army Air Forces, was also supplied, under Lend/Lease to Great Britain, Russia, France and Brazil. The RAF used to Thunderbolt in India and Burma. The Brazilian fighter squadron which served in Italy was equipped with Thunderbolts.

The 10,000th Thunderbolt came off the assembly lines at Farmingdale on 20 September 1944, just two and a half years after the first Republic P-47B Thunderbolt was delivered to the US Army Air Forces.

The following are the principal production and development versions of the Thunderbolt:

Republic P-47B

Republic P-47C

Republic P-47D (Thunderbolt I and II)

Republic XP-47E

Republic XP-47F

Curtiss P-47G

Republic XP-47H

Republic XP-47J

Republic P-47M

Republic P-47N

Specifications and Performance Data 2,3

Type 2

Wings 2

Fuselage 2

Tail Unit 2

Landing Gear 2

Power Plant 2, 3



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