Mustang Aeronautics Mustang II
Two-seat light homebuilt sporting aircraft

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2007 Mustang Aeronautics Mustang II (N193BC, s/n M-II 193, Burt R. Cassazza) on display (1/11/2009) at the Cable Air Show, Cable Airport, Upland, California (Photos by John Shupek)

Overview 2

Design of this side by side two-seat derivative of the Midget Mustang was started in 1963. Construction of a prototype began in 1965 and it flew for the first time on 9 July 1966. During 1968 Mr. Bushby designed an alternative non-retractable tricycle landing gear for the Mustang II, and amateur constructors have the option of either configuration. Another option is wing folding, to permit storage in a home garage. About 1,200 Mustang IIs were being built by amateurs in early 1987, at which time 290 had been completed.

The description applies to the deluxe model, which is stressed for +6g, and the empty weight quoted includes IFR instrumentation and nav/com equipment. The M-II can also be operated as an aerobatic aircraft in what Bushby Aircraft calls the ’Sport’ configuration. This is identical to the deluxe model except that the electrical system, radio, additional IFR instrumentation, soundproofing and upholstery, wheel fairings, and some baggage capacity are deleted. The ’Sport’ model has an empty weight of 340 kg (750 lb), T-O weight of 567 kg (1,250 lb) and is stressed for +9g.

A Hartzell controllable pitch propeller replaced the original fixed pitch propeller as standard, and the performance figures quoted for the 119 kW (160 hp) engine are obtained with this propeller. The figures quoted for the 93 kW (125 hp) engine are those obtained with the fixed pitch propeller.

Specifications 2



Landing Gear




Avionics and Equipment:

Dimensions, External

Dimensions, Internal


Weights and Loadings

Performance (with tailwheel, at max T-O weight)


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