Loving-Wayne WR-1 Loving’s Love Racer
Single-Engine Single-Seat Low-Wing Racing Aircraft, USA

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Loving-Wayne WR-1 Loving’s Love Racer (N351C) on display 2003at the EAA AirVenture Museum, Oshkosh, WI (Photos by John Shupek)

Loving-Wayne WR-1 Loving’s Love Overview [2]

The Loving-Wayne WR-1 Loving’s Love is a single seat, midget racer built in the 1950s.

Design and Development [2]

The WR-1 is a single place, gull-winged aircraft with conventional landing gear. The fuselage uses wood truss construction with aircraft fabric covering. The all-wood, plywood covered gull-wing features faired, fixed landing gear at the lowest point. The design was submitted and approved by the professional racing pilots association in 1948 with construction starting in January 1949.

Operational History [2]

In the 1951 National Air Races pilot Neal Loving qualified with a 266 mph (428 km/h) dive. The aircraft’s spinner separated, damaging the propeller.

In December 1953, Loving flew the WR-1 2200 miles from Detroit to Kingston, Jamaica, an unusually long trip for a new experimental design of the era.

In 1954, the design was the winner of the Most Outstanding Design award at the Experimental Aircraft Association Fly-in at Rockford, Illinois.

Loving-Wayne WR-1 Loving’s Love Specifications [3]




Tail Unit

Landing Gear

Power Plant


External Dimensions



Performance at Max T-O weight


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