Fokker S-11-1 Instructor
Single-Engine Two-Seat Low-Wing Tail-Dragger Monoplane Trainer Aircraft, Netherlands

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Fokker S-11-1 (N911J, s/n E-11, 1986) circa 1999 at the Camarillo Air Show, Camarillo, California (Photos by John Shupek)

Fokker S-11-1 (N911J, s/n E-11, 1986) circa 2007 at the Aviation Nation Air Show, Nellis Air Force Base, Las Vegas, Nevada (Photos by John Shupek)

Fokker S-11-1 (N911J, s/n E-11, 1986) at the 2009 Cable Air Show, Cable Airport, Upland, California (Photos by John Shupek)


The Fokker S-11 Instructor is a single engine two seater propeller aircraft designed and manufactured by the former Dutch aircraft manufacturer Fokker.


One of the first activities undertaken by Fokker after World War II was the design of a new military aircraft for initial pilot training, the Fokker S-11 Instructor. An aircraft trader already placed orders for 100 of these aircraft in 1946, before construction had even begun. The first prototype flew at Schiphol on 18 December 1947. During testing in early 1948 it was found that some aerodynamic changes had to be made to improve the handling of the aircraft. Later that year demonstration flights for several air forces followed and eventually many Fokker S-11 Instructor’s were sold to the Royal Netherlands Air Force, Israeli Air Force, Italian Air Force, Brazilian Air Force, Paraguayan Air Force and Bolivian Air Force. Numerous Fokker S-11 Instructor’s are still flying today. The Dutch organization Fokker Four dedicated to the preservation of the aircraft owns five Fokker S-11 Instructor’s and amongst other activities still performs with them on airshows. The Fokker S-11 Instructor was also produced in Brazil by a Fokker subsidiary, which also manufactured a tricycle-undercarriage variant as the Fokker S-12.


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