Emigh A-2 Trojan
Single-engine two-seat low-wing cabin cantilever monoplane, U.S.A.

Archive Photos 1

Emigh A-2 Trojan (NC8301H, s.n) on display (3/12/2012) at the Border Air Museum, Douglas Municipal Airport (3/12/2012), Douglas, Arizona (Photos by Lt. Col. Dr. Marc Matthews, M.D., USAF (retired))

Overview 2

The Emigh A-2 Trojan was an American Single-engine cabin cantilever monoplane designed and built by the Emigh Trojan Aircraft Company of Douglas, Arizona. The Emigh A-2 Trojan had side-by-side seating in an enclosed cabin for a pilot and passenger. Of all metal construction it had a fixed tricycle landing gear and was powered by a Continental A90 flat-four piston engine. 58 Emigh A-2 Trojans had been completed when production ceased in 1950.

Specifications 2

General Characteristics



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