Commonwealth CA-25 Winjeel
Single-engine two-side-by-side-seats tail-dragger low-wing training monoplane, Australia

Archive Photos 1

1959 Commonwealth CA-25 "Winjeel" (NX107PJ, s/n A85-429) at the 2009 Cable Air Show, Cable Airport, Upland, CA (Photos by John Shupek)

1959 Commonwealth CA-25 "Winjeel" (NX107PJ, s/n A85-429) at the Commonwealth CA-25 Winjeel, NX107PJ, mfg 1959, sn A85-429, Nellis 2007 Airshow (Photos by John Shupek)

Overview 2

The CAC CA-25 "Winjeel" (aboriginal for young eagle) entered service with the Royal Australian Air Force in 1955 as an ab-initio to advanced trainer aircraft.

Design and Development 2

The Winjeel was developed by the Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation at Fishermans Bend in Victoria to satisfy RAAF technical requirement No.AC.77. 62 aircraft were built and given the fleet serials A85-401 to A85-462. The first entered service with No.1 Basic Flight Training School (BFTS) at Uranquinty, near Wagga-Wagga, New South Wales. The aircraft remained in service with the RAAF as a trainer until 1977. A small number of Winjeels were used as Forward Air Control (FAC) from 1977 until being removed from service in the early 1990s. They was also used in the FAC training role before being replaced by the PC-9 in 1994. Examples of the aircraft remain in flying condition in private hands as well as museum displays around the country.

Variants 2

Operators 2

Commonwealth CA-25 Winjeel Specifications 3

The Commonwealth CA-25 Winjeel, which was first flow on February 23, 1955, is the production version of the Commonwealth CA-22, the prototype Winjeel, which made its maiden flight in 1950. The name "Winjeel" comes from an aboriginal word meaning "Eagle". Production of 62 Winjeels for the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) was completed in 1958.




Tail Unit

Landing Gear




Weights and Loadings



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