Church (James) JC-1 Midwing Racer
1928 Single-engine single-seat taildragger midwing monoplane racer, U.S.A.

Archive Photos 1

1928 Church Midwing JC-1 (NX9167) at the c.2003 at the EAA AirVenture Museum, Oshkosh, WI (Photos by John Shupek)

Overview 2

The Church Midwing JC-1, a.k.a. Church Mid-Wing Sport, is a midwing racing aircraft designed by James Church using the fuselage of a Heath aircraft.

Design and Development 2

The Church Midwing was designed to be an affordable homebuilt aircraft. Church marketed kits for $190.

The open cockpit midwing aircraft featured windows in the wings for visibility downward.

Operational History 2

Built to be a pylon racer, a Church Midwing placed third in the 1930 National Air Races. The Church used many parts from the Heath Parasol design. In 1931 the prototype was modified with an installation of a 38 hp inline air-cooled Church designed engine and a cowling modification to accommodate the cylinders protruding upward in the pilot’s line of sight. A 1931 advertisement placed by Heath in Popular Mechanics extolled the virtues of its first-place finish with its parasol configuration, compared to the Church’s midwing planform.

Variants 2

Specifications (Church Midwing JC-1) 2

General Characteristics



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