Cessna AW West Wind III
Single-engine four-seat conventional-gear light high-wing touring monoplane, U.S.A.

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Cessna AW "West Wind III" (N8782, c/n 107) at the Yanks Air Museum, Chino, CA (Photos by John Shupek)

Cessna "A" Series Overview 2

The Cessna Aircraft Company was founded by Mr. Clyde V. Cessna, a pioneer in U.S. aviation since 1911, and was incorporated in 1927. The builder of more aircraft than any other company, Cessna Aircraft had origins in a Blériot monoplane that was repeatedly crashed by a Kansas farmer Clyde V. Cessna in 1911. Clyde Cessna’s Blériot was so modified that it eventually became the first Cessna aircraft. Clyde Cessna build two more aircraft at the Jones Motor Car plant at Wichita during the 1916-17 timeframe. Clyde Cessna then returned to farming until he was invited to head Travel Air in 1925. He soon withdrew from Travel Air and formed the Cessna-Roos Aircraft Company on 8 September 1927. Later that year, Roos departed, and the company became the Cessna Aircraft Company on 18 December 1927.

Cessna Model A

The Cessna Model A was a 1920s American high-wing four-seat tourer built by the Cessna Aircraft Company, the first in a long line of high-wing Single-engine monoplanes.

The first Cessna design built in any numbers was the Cessna Model A. It was a four-seater with a mixed wood and steel-tube construction with fabric covering. The aircraft was built in a number of variants fitted with different engines. The airplane was good, but the timing was bad. While sales were brisk in the beginning, the 1929 stock market crash spelled disaster. The Cessna Aircraft Company had gone public, and the board ordered the factory closed in 1931.

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