Bellanca 17-31ATC "Super Viking"
United States — four-seat light business aircraft

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1973 Bellanca 17-31ATC "Super Viking" (N93669) at the USA Yanks Air Museum


Known originally as International Aircraft Manufacturing, Inc (Inter-air), Bellanca Sales Company (a subsidiary of Miller Flying Service) acquired the assets of Champion Aircraft Corporation on 30 September 1970. Following the merger, the name Bellanca Aircraft Corporation was adopted, and Bellanca marketed both its own products and those of Champion Aircraft.

In addition to continued production of the four-seat Viking series, Bellanca marketed the two-seat Citabria, a utility version known as the Scout, and an advanced acrobatic aircraft named the Decathlon. A new version of the Scout, designated Model 8GCBC, was nearing the end of its certification program in early 1974. Also under development was a side-by-side two-seat trainer based on the pre-war Aeronca Chief.

Sales during the 1973 fiscal year totaled 671 aircraft, compared with 451 in 1972.

Bellanca Viking Series

During 1973, there were three aircraft in the Viking series, developed from the earlier Bellanca 260C and Standard Viking 300 as follows:

Model 17-30A "Super Viking 300A"

Model 17-31A Super Viking 300A

Model 17-31ATC Turbo Viking 300A

Bellanca 17-31ATC "Super Viking" Specifications




Tail Unit

Landing Gear

Power Plant



Electronics and Equipment

Dimensions External

Dimensions, Internal, Cabin


Weights @ max T/O weight, A: IO-520, B: IO-540, C: turbocharged IO-540

Performance @ max T/O weight, A: IO-520, B: IO-540, C: turbocharged IO-540


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