Bede BD-5A Micro
United States — Single-seat Lightweight Homebuilt Monoplane

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Bede BD-5A Micro c.1990 at the March Field Aviation Museum, Riverside, CA

Bede BD-5 Micro (N500BD) 2.2003 at the EAA AirVenture Museum, Oshkosh, WI

Bede (Bede Aircraft, Inc.)

As a successor to the former Bede Aviation Corporation, Mr. James R. Bede formed Bede Aircraft Inc, to continue development of plans and kits of parts for construction of his Bede BD-4 two/four-seat light aircraft Since then he has devoted further efforts to the development of sport aircraft for the homebuilder, and has designed and built the prototype of a lightweight monoplane known as the Bede BD-5 Micro.

Bede BD-5A Micro

Design of this unusual single-seat sporting monoplane began in February 1967, and construction of the prototype was started in December 1970. First flight of the Bede BD-5 Micro was made on 12 September 1971. Two versions are available.

The Bede BD-5A Micro with a short-span wing, and the Bede BD-5B Micro with a wing of greater span. As a result of early flight tests the original "butterfly" tail unit was replaced by a conventional fin and rudder, with an all-moving horizontal stabilator on the lower portion of the rear fuselage.

Bede Aircraft reported that by the end of January 1973 it had received more than 4,000 orders for plans and kits of the Bede BD-5 Micro.

Specifications (BD-5A)




Tail Unit

Landing Gear

Power Plant



Dimensions, external


Weights and Loadings (40 hp engine)

BD-5A Performance (estimated at max T-O weight.


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