The Avtek 400A was a prototype turboprop-powered business aircraft developed in the United States in the early 1980s. It was of unusual and distinctive configuration - a low-wing monoplane with two pusher engines mounted above the wings, and a large canard mounted atop the forward fuselage. The aircraft’s sleek, futuristic design earned it a guest appearance on the Airwolf TV series as the X-400, the plane used by the villain Lou Stappleford in the episode Eagles.

The Avtek’s structure made extensive use of advanced composite materials throughout.

In 1998, Avtek declared bankruptcy without the prototype having completed the testing required for US FAA type certification. The company’s assets were purchased by AvtekAir, who as of 2004 were planning to revive the project under the designation AvtekAir 9000T.

Specifications (Avtek 400A pre-production prototype)

General Characteristics



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