Avro 652A Type XIX “Nineteen”
Twin-engine advanced training monoplane

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1946 Avro 652A Anson Type XIX “Nineteen” (G-AHKX, s/n 1333) on display at the Shuttleworth Collection on 9/10/2002 (John Shupek photo copyright © 2002 Skytamer Images) 1

Overview 3

The Avro Type XIX (aka “Avro Nineteen ”) is a commercial development of the Avro 652A “Anson” and is widely used on civilian and military communications duties. It is generally similar to the earlier aircraft, but the cabin roof has been raised slightly to provide more head space for the passengers. The later Avro “Ansons”, from the Anson Mk. XI onwards, were also modified in this way. Apart from this improvement and the later introduction of metal wings and tail, the Avro 652A Type XIX remains basically the same as the original “Anson”.

Variations of the Avro Type XIX include a special long-range version supplied to the Ministry of Civil Aviation for executive transport; a photographic aircraft supplied to the Eire Army Air Corps, and a general purposes military version for the Iraqi Air Force.

Avro 652A Type XIX Specifications and Performance Data 3




Tail Unit

Landing Gear

Power Plant


Accommodation (Long-range version)

Accommodation (Photographic and General Purpose versions)

Armament (General Purposes version)



Weights and Loadings (Six-passenger version)

Weights and Loadings (Eight-passenger version)



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