Avro (Federal) 652A Anson Mk.V-P
United Kingdom — Twin-engine reconnaissance training monoplane

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Avro 652A Anson Mk.V-P (RCAF 12417, CF-HOT, c/n BRC1567, Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, 9/22/2003 Photos by John Shupek]
Note: Canadian built by Federal Aircraft, Ltd.

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In connection with the first Empire Air Training Scheme over 1,500 Avro Anson Twin-engine trainers had to be provided. Originally, the proportion of these and quantities of component were to have been supplied by the British government but owing to home needs it eventually fell to the responsibility of Canada to undertake production of the type.

Eleven Canadian aircraft plants were entrusted with the manufacturing or assembling of the major components and in order to co-ordinate the output of Ansons and to expedite production of the complete machines, steps were taken in 1940 to segregate this work from the remainder of the aircraft program and place it under one management and direction. For this purpose Federal Aircraft, Limited, a wholly-owned government Company, was formed with headquarters in Montréal in July 1940.

The Canadian Federal &ldquol;Anson II was basically the English Avro Anson but had been modified to provide for the installation of two 330 h.p. Jacobs L-6BM engines in place of the Armstrong Siddeley Cheetah engines, which called for new cowlings and nacelles ; the fitting of Dowty hydraulic landing-gear retraction instead of the manually-operated type; and the use of Canadian-made auxiliaries - controls, instruments, piping, flexible tubing, conduits and all other materials and parts. An interesting feature of the Canadian Anson II was the use of a moulded plastic-plywood nose section made by the Vidal process. Otherwise, similarity in design permitted parts being approximately 75% interchangeable with the British Anson.

The first Federal Anson II flew in August, 1941, and by the end of August, 1943, Federal Aircraft Ltd. had supervised the construction of over 2,000 aircraft, with a spares replacement varying from 10 to 50 per cent. Federal-built Anson II advanced trainers have been supplied to the U.S. Army Air Forces under the designation AT-20.

Additional requirements under the 1942 Combined Training Plan increased the number of Ansons to be manufactured in Canada under the supervision of Federal Aircraft, Ltd. and two new models, the Federal Anson V navigational trainer and the Federal Anson VI bombing and gunnery trainer were developed.

The Federal Anson V and Federal Anson VI differ in many respects from the Anson II. Major changes include the incorporation of fuselages and numerous sub-components and parts of moulded plastic-bonded plywood, and the use of a different and more powerful type of engine. Production of these new types began early in the last quarter of 1942.

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