American Champion 7GCBC Citabria High Country Explorer
Two-seat Light Cabin Monoplane

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American Champion Aircraft 7GCBC High Country Explorer (N78SE, s/n 1382-2005, 2005) on display 8/27/2005 at the Camarillo Air Show, Camarillo, CA (Photos by John Shupek)

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The High Country Explorer, a variant of the 7GCBC, is the first certified aircraft to offer the new Superior Vantage engine. With a jump to 180 Horsepower (from 160), the airplane has exceptional performance. Deriving various design choices from the 8GCBC Scout, an ’in-between’ airplane has been created. The cowling is taken from the Scout by adding the side louvers and ground adjustable cowl flap. Following this cue, the Scout airbox was added to offer dual inlets when carburetor heat is used.

To allow for a larger diameter propeller, the High Country comes standard with the Aluminum Gear and 800 × 6 tires. The lighter gear is both taller and lighter, helping to offset the extra weight of the Superior O-360 over the standard Lycoming O-320. This is both a feature and a limit, as the 800 × 6 is the smallest tire permitted. Thus, it is not compatible with the current wheel pants. However, for those who want larger tires, tundra tires are compatible and any of the active STCs out there can be used just as a standard 7GCBC would.

Lastly, the Superior Vantage permissibly runs on premium automotive fuel. No reformulated or alcohol blends are permitted. As always, Aviation Grade 100LL is the preferred fuel.

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