Aerosport Scamp A
United States, Single-seat Light Aircraft

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Aerosport Scamp (1983), N3968R, Hawthorne Air Faire, Hawthorne, CA

Aerosport Scamp A 2

The prototype of the single-seat all-metal Scamp A flew for the first time on 21 August 1973. It was intended primarily for operation from grass strips, and tricycle landing gear was chosen as being more rational for a generation of amateur pilots who had received their initial flight training on aircraft equipped with landing gear of this configuration. Stressed to +6g and -3g, the Scamp A can be used for limited aerobatics; the emphasis has been placed on simple construction techniques to make it an easy project for the home builder.

Plans and kits of parts, except for the engine, are available to amateur constructors. More than 800 sets of plans have been sold by 1982. At least 20 Scamps are flying and 22 more under construction from Aerosport kits., including two in the UK. Those flying include examples built in New Zealand and Sweden.

An agricultural crop-spraying version known as Scamp B, is assembled in South America from Aerosport kits and marketed commercially. A kit of component parts to construct this version will be available in U.S. from late 1982.

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