Aeromarine AS-2 Float Plane
Single-engine Scout Biplane

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Aeromarine AS-2 Float Plane (U.S. Navy photo via the Skytamer Archive)

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The Aeromarine AS was a seaplane fighter aircraft evaluated by the US Navy in the early 1920s. The AS-1 (A5612) and two improved AS-2s (A5613, A5614) out of the Navy’s interest in the two-seat German Brandenburg seaplane scouts used along the Belgium in 1918. A unique design feature of each was the low position of the vertical tail to give gunner a clear field of fire to the rear.

Development and Design 3

Other than the vertical stabilizer, it was configured as a conventional two-bay biplane on twin pontoons, with two seats. The sole example of the original design, designated AS-1 had an inverted fin. After evaluation testing, the Navy ordered two aircraft, designated AS-2. The AS-2 had cruciform tails and larger radiators, and ailerons on both upper and lower wings.

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