“United Nations Battle Planes” (V407)
Cracker Jack Company, Chicago

  • Series Title: United Nations Battle Planes
  • Manufactured by: Walter M. Lowney Co. Limited, Montreal, Canada
  • Issued by: The Cracker Jack Co., Chicago
  • Country of Origin: Canada/United States of America
  • American Card Catalog Number: V407
  • Circa: Late 1930s to early 1940s
  • Type of card: Food issue
  • Number of Series: 3
  • Number of Cards: 50 (Series 1), 98 (Series 2), 147 (Series 3)
  • Numbering: 1-50 (Series 1), 1-98 (Series 2), 1-147 (Series 3)
  • Card Dimensions: 3.06 x 2.56 inches (nominal)
  • Checklist: Checklist


Prior to the United States entry into World War II, the Cracker Jack Company issued a series of “United Nations Battle Planes” airplane collector cards. The set was issued in three distinct series with a total of 147 card images with 295 different card Backs. The set was manufactured in Montréal Canada by the Walter M. Lowney Co. Limited, under contract with The Cracker Jack Company of Chicago, Illinois. The card fronts featured attractive color lithographs of World War II United Nations (Allied) aircraft. The card Backs include the card number along with a detailed descriptive text of the aircraft and its performance. The American Card Catalog reference number for the set is V407.

Image Guide — Series 1 (50-cards)

The initial series of fifty “ United Nations Battle Planes” cards focused on World War II British aircraft. The aircraft in this series were manufactured by British and American aircraft companies. All fifty of the cards feature aircraft with British markings. The Backs of the cards do not include the set title “United Nations Battle Planes.” Behind each of the thumbnail images shown below is a 600-dpi image that may be accessed by Skytamer Archive subscribers.

Image Guide — Series 2 (98-cards)

The second series of 98 “United Nations Battle Planes” cards included the 50 cards from Series 1 plus 48 additional cards. The cards include British, American, Dutch and Soviet built Allied aircraft. The card Backs are numbered from 1 to 98. Unlike Series 1, the Series 2 card Backs include the set title “United Nations Battle Planes” along with the descriptive text of the aircraft.

Image Guide — Series 3 (147-cards)

The third series of 147 “United Nations Battle Planes” cards includes the 98 cards from Series 2 plus an additional 49 cards. The cards include British, American, Dutch, French and Soviet built Allied aircraft. The card Backs are numbered from 1 to 147. As with Series 2, the Series 3 card Backs include the set title “United Nations Battle Planes” along with the descriptive text of the aircraft.

V407 Series Checklist

“United Nations Battle Planes” (V407)
Walter M. Lowney Co. Limited, Montreal, Canada
Issued by: The Cracker Jack Co., Chicago
Canada/United States of America

Card №Series 1Series 2Series 3Card Title
1The Hawker “Hurricane”
2The Bristol “Blenheim”
3The Bell “Airacobra”
4The Supermarine “Spitfire”
5The Boulton Paul “Defiant”
6The Brewster “Buffalo”
7The Handley-Page “Hampden”
8The Avro “Anson”
9The Curtiss “Tomahawk”
10The Vickers “Wellington”
11The Short “Sunderland”
12The Lockheed “Hudson”
13The Armstrong-Whitworth “Whitley”
14The Bristol “Beaufort”
15The Lockheed “Lightning”
16The Supermarine “Stranraer”
17The Gloster “Gladiator”
18The Consolidated “Liberator”
19The Saro “London”
20The Fairey “Battle”
21The Douglas “DB-8A-5”
22The Saro “Lerwick”
23The DeHavilland “Tiger Moth”
24The Martin “Maryland”
25The Bristol “Bombay”
26The Blackburn “Skua”
27The Consolidated “Catalina”
28The Vickers “Wellesley”
29The Fairey “Albacore”
30The North American “Harvard”
31The Westland “Lysander”
32The Fairey “Seafox”
33The Boeing “Flying Fortress”
34The Percival “Q-6”
35The Short “Empire Flying Boat”
36The Curtiss “Cleveland”
37The Miles “Falcon Six”
38The Douglas “Boston”
39The Percival “Proctor”
40The DeHavilland “Flamingo”
41The Grumman “Martlet”
42The Fairey “Fulmar”
43The Curtiss “Kittyhawk”
44The Blackburn “Roc”
45The Supermarine “Walrus”
46The Hawker “Typhoon”
47The Armstrong-Whitworth “Ensign”
48The Blackburn “Botha”
49The Fairey “Swordfish”
50Short “Stirling”
51n/aBell “Airacuda”
52n/aDouglas “Havoc”
53n/aDouglas “C-54”
54n/aNorthrop “A17-A”
55n/aVultee “Vengeance”
56n/aVought-Sikorsky “Corsair”
57n/aDouglas “Devastator”
58n/aVought-Sikorsky “Vindicator”
59n/aCurtiss “Condor”
60n/aDouglas “Dauntless”
61n/aMartin “Marauder”
62n/aGrumman “Skyrocket”
63n/aSoviet “I-18”
64n/aConsolidated “Coronado”
65n/aCurtiss “Seagull”
66n/aWestland “Whirlwind”
67n/aHanley-Page “Halifax”
68n/aAvro “Manchester”
69n/aCurtiss “C-55”
70n/aRepublic “Lancer”
71n/aNorth American “Mustang”
72n/aBristol “Bolingbroke”
73n/aCurtiss “Helldiver”
74n/aVought-Sikorsky “Kingfisher”
75n/aDouglas “B-19”
76n/aVultee “Vanguard”
77n/aCurtiss “O-52”
78n/aRepublic “Thunderbolt”
79n/aBristol “Beaufighter”
80n/aGrumman “J2F-2”
81n/aBrewster “Buccaneer”
82n/aMartin “Mariner”
83n/aLockheed “212”
84n/aGrumman “Wildcat”
85n/aCurtiss “War Hawk”
86n/aNorth American “Mitchell”
87n/aFokker “G.1”
88n/aLockheed “Ventura”
89n/aSoviet “Rata”
90n/aNorthrop “N-3PB”
91n/aGrumman “Avenger”
92n/aFokker “D-21”
93n/aCurtiss “St. Louis”
94n/aRepublic “Guardsman”
95n/aSoviet “DB-3A”
96n/aSoviet “A.N.T.-6”
97n/aSoviet “TB-6B”
98n/aMartin “Baltimore”
99n/an/aDeHavilland “Mosquito”
100n/an/aBell “Caribou”
101n/an/aSoviet “Stormovik”
102n/an/aAvro “Lancaster”
103n/an/aMartin “Mars”
104n/an/aSoviet “ZKB-26”
105n/an/aBrequet “690”
106n/an/aBoeing “Sea Ranger”
107n/an/aDeHavilland “Albatross”
108n/an/aSoviet “PE-2”
109n/an/aShort “Singapore”
110n/an/aCessna “Crane”
111n/an/aDeWoitine “D-520”
112n/an/aSoviet “PS-84”
113n/an/aSupermarine “Seafire”
114n/an/aGrumman “G-44”
115n/an/aSoviet “GST”
116n/an/aDouglas “Digby”
117n/an/aGeneral “Hotspur”
118n/an/aLeo “45”
119n/an/aSoviet “SB-3”
120n/an/aPotez “161”
121n/an/aHawker “Hurribomber”
122n/an/aVought-Sikorsky “PBS-1”
123n/an/aDeHavilland “Hertfordshire”
124n/an/aWaco “Glider”
125n/an/aAmoit “370”
126n/an/aDouglas “C-54”
127n/an/aBlackburn “Shark”
128n/an/aSoviet “Chato”
129n/an/aHall-Aluminum “PH-2”
130n/an/aHandley-Page “Hereford”
131n/an/aSoviet “TB-7”
132n/an/aRyan “Dragonfly”
133n/an/aAirspeed “Envoy”
134n/an/aSoviet “SB-RK”
135n/an/aBrewster “Bermuda”
136n/an/aSoviet “YAK-4”
137n/an/aCurtiss “Commando”
138n/an/aCaudron “Goeland”
139n/an/aNorth American “O-47”
140n/an/aDouglas “B-18-A”
141n/an/aSoviet “MR-5”
142n/an/aSoviet “SU-2”
143n/an/aCaudron “Cyclone”
144n/an/aSoviet “Lagg 3”
145n/an/aLockheed “Constellation”
146n/an/aBrewster “SB2A-2”
147n/an/aDouglas “Sky Train”

Special Thanks

A very special thanks to Albert B. Kramer of Roll-EZ Wheels for loaning us his “United Nations Battle Planes” Series 1, 2 & 3 collections to scan. Click on Al's card below to visit his website.


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